Career Counselling after 10th Grade

Best Career Counselling in India

When students have completed their 10th grade, it is high time to opt for career counselling. Career guidance helps them choose a better stream in the 11th grade. Thirteen years is when students start to develop their interests and passion. When they attain their fifteen years, they will get a picture of what to do with their life. Career Counselling helps them confirm whether they are good at their decision and if not, it shows them their true potential and interest. For instance, if a student wants to pursue Mathematics but is not good at grasping the formulas or solving the problems, then there is no point in him studying Mathematics in future. Career counselling showcases students’ strengths, weaknesses, skills, abilities, capacity and passion. They can opt for a Science, Commerce, Arts or Humanity stream-lines with clarity. The process flow of Career Counselling in India includes Psychometric Assessments, Career Assessment Reports, Career Counselling and Action Plans. 


In the Psychometric Assessments, students will get questions comprised of numerical ability, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, personality tests, abstract reasoning, etc. These tests will help counsellors understand students’ psychological competencies, capacities, personalities and attitudes. By evaluating the performance level, a computerised Career Report gets generated. A career report comprises the strengths of the students and their potential. Career counsellors will analyse the reviews and have counselling sessions with the students and parents. During the Counselling Session, career counsellors act as a hand and support the students by giving them career information regarding their passionate course. They discuss its scope, employment sectors, job profiles, salary insights, etc. After the counselling session, career counsellors give the Action Plans to the students to make them stay on track and achieve their career goals. Some counsellors take a step further and connect the students with an expert in a particular field to motivate them to do better. 


Career Counsellors are professionals who have completed their degree in Psychology or Behavioural Science and are certified to give career counselling to students, graduates and working professionals. They have immense knowledge of different careers, and their primary goal is to make their clients aware of the presence of enormous fields and their scopes. Career counsellors use psychometric assessments and career reports to assess students’ abilities, potential, personalities and skills. When they sit with their clients for counselling, they encourage their opinions and choice rather than influencing or forcing them to make a choice. Career counsellors of the Best Career Counselling in India have empathy, compassion, active listening, excellent communication skills, non-judgemental character, etc. 


Why do 10th-grade students need career counselling?


Though students have their interests and passion, they commence mistakes which doom them in the end. Some common mistakes made by the students are,

  • Getting influenced: Students tend to get brain-washed by their parents, friends and relatives. They take up random suggestions and forget their values and passion. Opinions made by them might work out for some. But many students pick up the stream they do not fit into or like. It is also called Herd Mentality. We do things that the herd we belong to does blindly. 

  • Peer Pressure: Giving opinions is different from forcing someone to do something. Parents preach their dreams over their children and make them choose the stream, field and course they want them to. It limits students’ self-thinking and self-directed skills. If a student wants to opt for a Commerce stream but ends up choosing the Bio-Science stream upon his parents’ peer pressure, there are chances for the table to turn out to be a disaster. Students tend to commit this mistake, fearing for their parents, without any choice. 

No awareness: The brutal truth is students are unaware of the scope of the fields. Lack of knowledge leads to mistakes a student can make while opting for a streamline. There is a stigma that if someone opts for a Commerce course, they can only become a Chartered Accountant. No! There is immense scope for the students to select the Commerce fields and job profiles comprising Company Secretaries, Financial Risk Managers, Tax Consultants, Accountants, etc. Being ignorant of the knowledge and facts can mislead you into darkness. A student must have awareness and enough information about his choice, at least.