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Hindu, Christian, or Muslim weddings in India are all highlighted by rites, ceremonies, and customs. According to their beliefs, different religions have different customs.


The bride and groom are blessed during an Indian Christian wedding in Kerala or another region of South India by being covered in oil, turmeric, and sandalwood paste. Haldi is not used in Goa or the Konkan regions; instead, coconut paste is. The bride and the groom receive a holy bath at the conclusion of the Roce ceremony.


Other rites, such as Mehr, Ijab-e-Qubool, and Nikah Nama, are done as part of Nikah. The bride receives Mehr, a kind of dowry for the marriage, following the Nikah. It is thought to be a required tradition that represents the groom’s commitment to the bride’s father that he would take care of his wife.


However, at its core, the Hindu wedding ceremony is essentially a Vedic yajna ritual. Three important rituals, known as Kanyadan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi, are almost universal and involve the father giving away his daughter, holding hands voluntarily in front of a fire to symbolise union, and taking seven “steps before fire.” Each party makes pledges to the other at each stage.


Hindu marriages are primarily witnessed by Agni, the fire-deity (also known as the Sacred Fire), in the presence of friends and family. Sanskrit, which Hindus regard as the language of sacred rites, is typically used to conduct the ceremony wholly or at least in part. It’s also acceptable to speak in the bride and groom’s native tongue. The Gruhya sutra, which was written by many rishis including Baudhayana and Ashvalayana, contains the rites’ instructions.


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Picture Quotient offers the Best Rituals Photographers in Bangalore ,

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