Finding The Industrial Fan for Your Building

Before deciding on the type of industrial fan to use in your factory, you must learn various factors and aspects that determine such choices.

The main aim of an industrial fan within your organization or factory is to facilitate proper industrial ventilation. The significance of a fresh work environment is to increase the workmanship of your employees as they operate in a clean and healthy environment. One of the challenges you are likely to face is picking the right industrial fan for your factory. Therefore, the factors you must consider include the workplace environment, the number of employees, and your budget. 

The Type of Industrial Fan You Are Looking For

You should know that there are various types of industrial fans depending on how they operate. For instance, some take in the fresh air. At the same time, some extract unclean air from the factory out. Exhaustion and air intake will impact your choice of fan type to buy or install. 

At the same time, the factory’s size will also determine the type of industrial fan you will decide to install. For instance, you can choose from the main industrial fan types, including axial, centrifugal, and mixed-flow fans. 

Ducting System

Every factory or warehouse needs a ducting system to control the airways, and various factors would help you determine the type of ducting system used in the factory. For instance, the fan size and the number of fans you plan to use around the building will determine the type of fan to go for, whether axial or centrifugal. 

After deciding on the type of fan you will use in your factory, you should decide on how you will mount it, whether it will be on the roof or the wall. Most industrial fans are usually mounted on the walls or the roof for industrial ventilation and to cover a wider space. 

Knowledge Of the Altitude

Another factor that matters when it comes to industrial fans is the altitude of your fans. The height of the fan location in your factory impacts its performance as it will be able to cover and supply a wider area. 

The general rule you need to know when deciding on the height of your fan is the higher the fan, the bigger it should be to function effectively. Therefore, it would be important that you take the measurement of the factory and find the right fan that would function properly and meet your expectations. 

The Type of Function 

You are supposed to decide on the function that you expect your industrial fan to perform. As mentioned, there are two main types of industrial ventilation applications of fans. The two functions include the supply or extraction of air. 

Based on that, you must decide whether the fan you need is meant to supply fresh air into the factory or extract stale air from the factory. After deciding on the type of function, you will decide on the type of industrial fan that would fulfill your requirement.  

The two main functions of industrial fans for buildings include the exhaustion of unclean air and the supply of fresh air into the building. It would be best if you mounted your exhaustion fans on the roof since they are meant to extract hot air that usually collects at the ceiling. On most occasions, the exhaust fans are usually mounted close to the heat source to draw the hot air from the building. The fans used for fresh air intake help your factory to have a fresh circulation of air throughout the building.