5 Best Treks in Kashmir Valley, India

5 best trekking destinations to do in Kashmir. If you like to live among the natural, then you must visit once.

Kashmir is a beautiful region of India, which is also known as heaven on Earth due to its beauty. The 100-kilometer-long left valley of Kashmir that separates the Tibetan rock from the Pir Panjal ghat in the Himalayas encircles the valley from the west and south and also separates Kashmir from Punjab. There are many exciting things to do in Kashmir Valley, you can go skiing in Gulmarg, apart from this, Kashmir has many treks full of natural beauty.

The Kashmir Valley is situated at an altitude starting from 1600 meters and above sea level. Kashmir is a great place for exciting and adventurous activities, with many exciting activities like mountain climbing, camping, trekking, and river crossing. There are also many alpine lakes in Kashmir, which you can explore by trekking. The main trekking expeditions here include Kashmir Great Lake, Warwan Valley, Tarsar Marsar, Ashtar Valley, etc. Here we will learn about some Unexplored treks.

1. Kashmir Great Lake Trek

The Kashmir Great Lakes is situated at an altitude of 13850 feet above sea level, within it is a group of five different alpine lakes spread in different valleys. It is a moderate to difficult level trek, which gives you the complete experience of connecting with nature in the valleys.

During the trek, you will have many wonderful views of snow-capped mountains, rivers, vast meadows, and flowing streams. You can see the great lakes of Kashmir during the Kashmir Great Lakes trekking trip, which offers amazing as well as unspoiled beauty. Trekkers complete the trek via Gadsar Lake, Gangwal Lake, Vishansar & Kishansar Lake etc. It takes around 7 days to complete the Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

2. Tarsar Marsar Trek

In fact, all the treks in Kashmir Valley are beautiful, out of which the Tarsar Marsar trek is also a beautiful trek. Which is an ideal option for mountaineers. Marsar Lake (12500 ft) is an alpine lake located in Aru, Anantnag district, Kashmir Valley, India. Similarly, there is another lake Tarsar, which is situated at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level. These two lakes are also known as twin sisters because of their closeness and similarity.

It is a year-round attraction and is one of the most preferred trekking trips in Kashmir. The Tarsar Marsar Trek is a medium-level trek, which starts from Aru Base Camp, and travels through vast meadows to the year-covered lakes of Tarsar Marsar. It takes 7 days to complete this trek. The total distance of the trekking journey is around 23 km. The temperature during summer day (5°C to 15°C) night (2°C to -5°C). 5 °C). The best time to travel for trekking is in the months of June, July, August, and September.

3. Warwan Valley Trek

Warwan Valley Trek is one of the best treks in India. If you want to do a trek where you get to see the thrilling diverse natural beauty and many florae etc., then the Warwan Valley Trek is an ideal option for you. Even if you have seen Gulmarg, Sonmarg, or Pahalgam or other valleys of Kashmir before, you will get lost in the beauty of Warwan Valley as this region is unique. This is an area of ​​Kashmir that even most Kashmiris have not even visited. It is a trek with untouchable beauty. What is most noteworthy in the Warwan Valley is the crossover trail. Our trekking trip passes through river deltas, wildflower meadows, and glaciers. It takes 8 days to complete the Warwan Valley Trek.

4. Ashtar Valley Trek

Ashtar Valley is a lesser-known trek in Kashmir, which is still out of reach of many trekkers. This trek is located in Pir Panjal Kashtar in Kashmir. The beauty of Ashtar Valley is like heaven. Our trekking journey starts from Doodhpathri and ends at Magarsar Lake (4200M). During this trekking trip, you get to see some spectacular pictures of nature at every turn.

The trail passes through dense deodar forests, when you come out of the pine forests, you will find vast meadows, where you can see hundreds of sheep grazing. As you go on your trekking journey, you get to witness spectacular views of some of the popular snow-capped peaks of the Pir Panjal range. If you want to do this trek, then it takes you 7 days to complete it.