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Tarot Card Reading for Relationship Advice Dr Taara Malhotra

Dr. Taara Malhotra that we should keep faith and understand the signs of Universe. She helps people like you and men in dealing with problems of relationships.

In today’s digital era, every second young man boy or girl seeks relationship advice through healers and psychologist. Dr. Taara Malhotra, India’s leading tarot card reader based in Delhi and Gurgaon, has been giving relationship advice based on the tarot card reading. She shares with us how she meets hundreds of depressed young girls and boys every day who have no clue on whether to give up in a relationship or to carry on and how!

“Modern relationships are complex especially the romantic ones. Youngsters meet online and have no clue about each other. They assume each other’s personality based on the Instagram feed and then they have to live together or they have to carry on the relationship from long distance and it becomes toxic and difficult for both of them. I have seen 10 to 15 years old marriages ending in divorce because the spouses are not able to give time to each other. So, a lot of young people are my clients who seek help from me or seek my guidance on how to carry forward in their relationship. I use tarot card reading to help them understand what does the universe want them to do.”

Dr. Taara Malhotra is one of the most famous tarot card readers from Delhi. She tells us about how she helps people save their relationships through tarot card reading,

Tarot card reading is one of the tools of understanding your life path through the signs and symbols given by the universe so if you are facing attack toxic time in your relationship, a tarot card reading may help clear all the doubts. There is a deeper spiritual side in every relationship and that side can be easily understood when you understand your life’s purpose or the Universe’ signs. Through tarot card reading, you can get many answers and take a confident decision to pursue your life path.”

Dr. Taara Malhotra who has done some of the sensational and exact predictions when it comes to Bollywood films, celebrities, stock-market, political events, health scenario and even for cricket matches.

“Whenever I get a client who needs help with a relationship or feels stuck in a toxic relationship or who is confused about his or her partner, I asked them to go for three tarot card relationship spread. The first card represents their own feelings, the second card represents the partner’s feelings and third card presents the future of their relationship so the reading is done in totality based on these three cards.”

Sometimes, people go for four cards spread or five cards spread also. The idea is to pull as many tarot cards as the questions you have in your mind. What everyone needs to understand that it is not about the number of tarot cards; it is about asking the right question about your relationship and interpreting the tarot card. Dr. Taara Malhotra who is one of the most reliable names in tarot card reading especially for financial advice and relationships. She’s based in Delhi and Gurgaon and she takes in-person sessions for tarot card reading and guidance as well. She offers clear guidance on how to use tarot card for relationships advise. She shares some experiences with relationship guidance, “When someone shares their relationship problem with me, I try to understand the main problem and then we freeze a question for pulling the tarot card. For example, two months ago, I had a female client who was feeling worried that her husband is cheating her and he’s not loyal to her. I tried to gauge the reason for her doubts but she had no reason or clue. So I asked her to pick a card seeking answer for the question if she should trust her husband or not. The card that she pulled was the CHARIOT card which is a very positive and encouraging CARD because it is a sign of the will power. I told her that the universe was trying to tell her that she should have faith in her husband and her relationship would go stronger with trust. But if she continues to doubt him, the relationship might turn toxic. She called me yesterday to share that she has cleared all doubts with a heart to heart talk with her husband and there is nothing suspicious. I am sure the tarot card reading session gave her the courage to keep faith.”