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Forex Payment Solution By WebPays

Forex payment solution delivers your business the global expansion rapidly and securely.
A forex payment solution determines international card-not-present online forex payment processing for forex businesses. WebPays gives a stable, reliable Forex payment solution in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Canada, etc. for simplifying payment processing in the forex industry. When a buyer reaches the checkout phase of your online website.
So, everything should happen perfectly because not a single customer likes complications in the payment procedure. 
That’s why we made our forex merchant accounts to ensure that you will never have to miss a sale on your platform. Because a payment gateway for forex brokers will assist you in accepting online payments on your forex business payment platform.  

What do you mean by a forex payment gateway solution? 

A forex payment gateway solution refers to a mechanism that allows forex businesses to accept online payments via credit cards and various alternative payment methods securely and faster. It also provides you with the security of your payment details which you’ve provided while making online payments. So, if you want to accept online payments in your forex business from global customers, then you must need to acquire a forex merchant account solution from a reputed payment service provider firm. 

Advantages of a payment gateway solution for forex brokers

It allows you to accept credit cards and also gives various payment methods. 
A fully PCI DSS-compliant payment solution processes as a secure and unassailable payment procedure. 
24/7 customer and technical support. 
It offers various advanced fraud prevention tools. 
Automatic payouts settled directly into your bank account. 
Funds are settled within two to three days duration. 
You will obtain a solid acquirer to display interest in payment processing battles and chargeback concerns. 
Furthermore, it offers complete management of a dedicated forex merchant account. 
Our forex payment solutions in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Canada, etc., and merchant account services arrive with a vigorous website-based accounting ease. And that will deliver you 
an exclusive statement of your credit card processing actions and it also includes all these features:   
It has the option of exporting data for an entire face with customized online payment data ranges. 
Expertise by customer type to modify your information to the exact needs of CFOs, 
chargeback administrators, fraud reviewers, etc.  

Forex payment gateway solution Functionality 

Let’s see where the Forex payment solution can fit into the payment processing procedure. Do you understand what happens at the point when a consumer places an online order? After that at the checkout window of an eCommerce website, the shopper gets the assurance. 
1. Firstly, the consumer submits his card details necessary for online payments. 
2. And the details are SSL-encrypted and supplied to the merchant’s web server. 
3. Then the forex payment gateway collects the payment details. Yet, SSL protects it once again and sends it to the acquiring bank. 
4. And after that, the acquiring bank transmits the details to Visa, Discover, or MasterCard’s Card Association payment platform. 
5. Then the Credit Card Association sends the data to the credit card issuer. 
6. The credit card issuer can approve or decline the authorization for online payments. Then furnishes the response to the acquiring bank. 
7. And after that the acquiring bank sends the issuer’s response to the payment gateway solution. 
8. The payment gateway mechanism offers consent to retreat to the online eCommerce websites. 
And if the card issuer has endorsed the approval, the online payment fetches the location. But the strategies may differ if it has decreased. So the buyer can ask for an alternative method of payment like eWallets, bank transfer, etc., and that makes the procedure easy.   

How WebPays Assists You Succeed?   

After obtaining a Forex merchant account solution in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Canada, etc. by WebPays. Then, you can also accept online transactions quickly and securely because our payment processing solutions are created to conserve time and funds as well. 
Furthermore, it includes some in-built advanced security and fraud prevention features. 

1. It allows Global Payment Processing 

Accepts credit cards from all primary networks like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc. 
Approval for eChecks. 
Accept online payments globally. 
Various settlement options. Our payment processing platform ensures quick settlement in multiple currencies. 
Fast payout procedure. As we understand that funding strategies are specified on a caseby-case foundation but our Forex payment gateway services have weekly payout features. 
Moreover, daily funding is also available for some specific business structures and merchants. 

2. It delivers the most advanced fraud prevention features 

It identifies and handles fraudulent online payments. And it offers personalized fraud prevention features such as 
(AVS) Address Verification Service. 
Card Security Code Verification. 

3. You will acquire online account management 

It will review and manage your all online payments, and configure all your account settings, along with a password-secured merchant’s online business.   

4. Data security 

It is a completely PCI-DSS 1st-level compliant Forex merchant account solution that allows you to protect your exposed data. 

5. It offers 24*7 technical and customer service 

You will receive 24*7 customer assistance via chat and e-mail. 

6. Offers Recurring and subscription billing structure 

Yet, it also furnishes a recurring billing structure for automated management of processing subscriptions and services.  

Documents needed for obtaining a Forex payment solution   

Your Forex payment gateway solution’s application will be processed as soon as we have attained all the significant documents it also comprises the following documents, such as 
You will need to fill out WebPays’s application form which you can get on our website. 
A valid copy of your business’s incorporation certificate 
Merchant’s ID such as a driving license or passport. 
A void check of the merchant’s bank account. 
Recent six months’ record of processing payments of your last payment processor. 
Last three months’ record of your bank transactions history. 
Merchant’s complete address proof with a utility bill.  

Why only WebPays? 

At WebPays, we serve all types of high-risk businesses with different sorts of payment gateway solutions. We are consistently looking for new forex merchants to initiate operations with them because every online business that is integrated and has all the mandatory documents with legal business structures deserves the best payment gateway for forex brokers. Our wide range of acquiring banks is situated across the globe. We also ensure you that we provide our merchants with excellent payment gateway services for every sort of high-risk industry. 
 At WebPays, we will always be pleasured in working with your businesses. Furthermore, we will also offer a secure payment gateway for forex in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Canada, etc. businesses that function smoothly and securely every time. So catch us now by dropping us a mail with your business requirements and we will show you what we can provide for your type of business as soon as possible.