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Online Logistic Delivery Management System in Pakistan

Clickoot has developed a web-based logistic delivery management system that enables users to manage delivery partners

Clickoot has developed a web-based logistic delivery management system that enables users to manage delivery partners, track orders from anywhere, and get real-time alerts. It also offers customizable mobile apps and web applications to manage business processes. It helps to increase revenues and decrease operational costs.

Reduces stock-outs

An logistic delivery  system is a web-based tool that collects data and generates analytics. This tool helps to gain visibility into the supply chain of contraceptive health commodities. It also helps to prevent stock-outs by sending timely alerts to policymakers and managers. Its web-based interface allows authorized users to input data and access reports. It also includes indicators that help to gauge the performance of the supply chain.

The system has been successfully implemented in 19 districts of Pakistan. The system’s first phase involved training staff to use it. The system is designed to consolidate data from different locations while providing flexibility for multi-user authorization. It is also safe, and secure, and increases speed. The first phase of the implementation was successfully replicated by a pioneer team of pharmacists in Pakistan.

Automates workflows

A logistic delivery system (LDS) can automate processes related to inventory, order fulfillment, and logistics. These systems help streamline business processes and increase productivity. These systems also help businesses reduce operational costs and increase revenue. These features help companies improve customer experience, which is a vital component of customer retention.

Workflow automation allows businesses to automate mundane tasks and free up workers to focus on more important tasks. For example, an automated system can print shipping labels, mark orders as dispatched, and create tracking numbers for deliveries. It can also be set up to send reminders to customers to reorder products and offer post-sale support and marketing.

Besides making your life easier, automation also eliminates human error. Salespeople can focus on closing deals instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks. A single mistake can snowball into a massive problem if not handled immediately. Workflow automation is essential for businesses that operate around the clock.

Helps drivers

If you’re a driver, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of an online logistic delivery management system. This technology automates various logistics tasks, such as tracking deliveries, providing important information about transportation measures, and more. The software also provides constant updates on the status of orders to drivers.

The Clickoot Online Logistics Delivery System in Pakistan

In this article, we discuss the various systems that are assisting brick-and-mortar stores in Pakistan. These systems include XStak, GSMtasks, and Rider. We also discuss Daraz’s hubs that offer self-service retail. These platforms help both brick-and-mortar stores and online logistic delivery system to customer demands.

A rider is a clickoot online logistic delivery system in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a new logistic delivery system service, Rider, has emerged. It has a mission to provide next-day delivery services for products in the country. It is based in Karachi and has already raised 3.1 million from the Y Combinator accelerator. The company has raised 5.4 million in total since September.

Founded by former UPS Pakistan executives, Rider aims to provide a self-service retail delivery system that enables Next-Gen Retailers. The system features a powerful Order Management System (OMS) that streamlines order management from online order placement to delivery. It is easy to deploy and customize and includes real-time tracking and buyer scheduling. It also offers automated warehousing and logistics.

The service works by delivering parcels from e-commerce sites to local delivery hubs. Rider’s fleet is made up of over 500 drivers in 80 cities throughout Pakistan. According to the company’s website, it has delivered over 1.5 million e-commerce parcels to its customers.

XStak is a self-service retail operating system in Pakistan

With over 70% smartphone penetration, Pakistan is primed for omnichannel retailing. However, the lack of a quality e-commerce experience remains the largest barrier to the wider adoption of online retail in Pakistan. XStak provides a comprehensive POS solution for retailers in Pakistan, which is integrated with POS and helps manage store inventory and staff productivity. It also offers analytics on high-demand items.