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Choosing the right stylish curtain rod or rails

Talking about curtains is incomplete without window curtain rods.

Curtains are used in houses almost everywhere across the world and we can call them sort of omnipresent. There is hardly any house that is devoid of curtains! If there are none, we can simply assume that no one lives there. Curtains are a style statement nowadays. Gone are the days when they were used to provide seclusion or stop the cold winds from blowing into the houses. Talking about curtains is incomplete without window curtain rods. Nowadays you may have to visit Wholesale materials fabrics firms as they can suggest the best rods for Roller blinds for offices and homes and Designer fabric curtains if you need one. This process is time-consuming as you have to visit the shop and select the ideal one after spending hours together. In this article, we will help you make this a bit easier.


What is a stylish window curtain rod?

There is a sea of differences between a simple curtain rod and a stylish window curtain rod. Although both are used to hold curtains, draperies, or binds on a window, a stylish one blends with your home or office environment. The brackets hold the same blend so well with the wall paint or interior décor that you will hardly notice anything out of sync. While installing the window curtain rod, the Bracket that holds the rod and the poles are hidden away from view. This is made possible with materials such as wood, plastics, and metals with which they are made of.


Stylish Curtain accessories to complement your curtain and curtain rod

Curtains need curtain accessories. There are various components that you may have to choose from before setting up the curtain of your desire in your office or home. Single curtain rods are among the most widely used styles of curtain rods. They include a single-mounted bar that rests at the top of your window frame. To keep everything in place they are threaded through curtain rings, grommets, or pockets to keep in place. Curtain rod accessories from Al Kilani come complete with extendible rails, M track accessories, finials, brackets, screws, runners, ceiling brackets, hand bars, anchors, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.


Reasons to choose between window curtain rods and curtain rails



Curtain rods are technically different from Curtain rails. When we look at history, curtain rails made their way into the offices in the late 70s and 80 as they were convenient and durable in terms of usage. People who like minimalism with curtains are huge fans of curtain rails. This brings about a question in our minds as to which is the best one to choose from as curtain rails are easy to use and have a minimalist appearance. Curtain tracks can be hidden beneath a valance or merge into the wall so that the curtains are the main attraction. Since the carriers can be hidden within the track, there is no need for substantial curtain rings.


Curtain tracks or rails have some advantages over traditional curtain rods. Because of the curtain carriers, or glides, curtain tracks enable incredibly smooth curtain opening and closing is very convenient. There is almost no resistance when it comes to carrying curtains along the tracks. The rails are durable and are available with a variety of carriers such as wheeled snap carriers, M track, ball bearings, etc. With a curtain wand or a hand, bar usage becomes way simpler.


Nowadays, tall windows are commonly seen in newer homes, and they require sturdy tracks. Many houses have automated systems and managing them using curtain rails is made possible. While curtain tracks can be put directly into the ceiling or wall at regular intervals, curtain rods require brackets to support them.


Unlike curtain rods, curtain rails or tracks offer a variety of alternatives. Check out the different types of Curtain rods, tracks, add-ons, and curtain fabrics from Al Kilani Fabrics and we can help you choose the right one for your living space.