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Celebrities Like Kardashian to Jenners and Their Neon Signs

Celebrities and Their Custom Neon Signs: make your own custom neon sign and make a style statement just like these celebrities.

Hollywood is obsessing over “dopamine style,” whether it’s their clothes or home decor. The fashion industry’s fondness for neon continues and seems to be ramping up in the years to come, and why not? If you want to be around happy colors, neon is the ultimate style option for you. After being in 2 consecutive years of suffering and pain, the post-pandemic has all been about dopamine dressing; be it dressing up yourself or your walls. Many celebrities wholeheartedly embraced the addition of neon in their lives in manifold ways, evident in their Instagram stories even during the lockdown times. The idea was widely followed by the masses and many other people from the industry post-pandemic. 

The bold & bright neon signs and lights are the trendiest art piece for home & party decor, so bring one for your home or party and fuel bright energy into the day. You can also customize the sign to bring some individualism to your home. Go ahead; you have approval from A-list celebrities! 

Here is all you would want to know about celebrities and their love and admiration for custom LED neon signs. 

Kardashian-Jenners are true neon lights admirers. 

The popular Kardashian-Jenner sisters broke out of all neutrals and are beautifully reviving the 80s hues seen through their attires and even the decor of their homes. These trend-setter ladies have gorgeous pieces of neon art in their homes that show their inclination towards neon signs this season. Kylie Jenner remains at the top of the list for her love for neon signs since she has the hig

hest number of neon signs at her home. Let’s peek into the homes of these fashion divas, starting with the one with the most followers- Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner has always loved to collect art, and her new obsession is collecting gorgeous neon art pieces. Her bedroom has a special heart-shaped artwork by Tracy Emin reading: “The kiss was Beautiful.” The piece is very flamboyant and can be seen in many of her stories. One of her heart-warming stories featured the sign she captioned: “cuddles with a baby girl.” The story surely had to tell how much she enjoys quality time with her daughter in her bedroom under the calming hue of her pink and purple neon sign. 

Kylie Jenner owns many other neon art pieces, such as the one which reads: “I Can’t Believe How Much You Love Me.” This piece is also artwork by Tracy Emin. 

Kylie’s most talked about neon sign is the one from her glam room, which says “PLASTIC.” The sign is a bright pink color and is about 48×13 in size. This sign was then copied by Kim Zolciak, an American TV personality, and the news became the talk of the town. 

Kylie Jenner loves neon signs so much that she has embellished her baby’s room with some cute neon signs and the most creative of all was a cloud-shaped sign with a lightning bolt flash 🌩. Can you guess what she meant by this sign? This sign depicts her daughter’s name- Stormy-and took the internet by storm. A 10 for her creativity! 

 Kendall Jenner is no less of a neon sign admirer. She owns an erotic neon sign in her new home in LA, which she showed to the camera for an Architectural Digest shoot. The sign is again a piece of Tracy Emin’s artwork. The meticulously bent and crafted letters in light pink color surely added an erotic aura to her bedroom. The color of her sign cast a soft glow just like this Victoria’s Secret model likes it to be. 

Neon Signs draw attention and make every ordinary space look extravagant, bright, and colorful, so make your own custom neon sign and make a style statement just like these celebrities.