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A brief guide to choosing commercial banquette chairs

General/Banquet chairs We provide a variety of standard height stackable chairs and banquet chairs.

Finally, we provide chairs in Banquet halls in Andheri to easily transport your chair to another location or storage when not in use. We offer a variety of options such as stackable stools for pool bars, upholstered church chairs for maximum comfort, activity chairs and even conference/waiting room chairs. General/Banquet chairs We provide a variety of standard height stackable chairs and banquet chairs. It is an ideal place for you to find from indoor and outdoor seating to lobby or meeting room chairs.

Stackable chairs are ideal for catering events and places where flexibility is required, as you can simply fold them along a wall to fit on the floor. Wooden chairs will give your restaurant an elegant handcrafted look that complements any casual or luxurious setting. Alternatively, you can use the artificial leather seats as they are easy to clean.

However, it is best to apply a protective coating to the vinyl to keep it resistant to tough markers and other products that can stain more resistant types of material. It accepts many finishes better than polyurethane to protect furniture from absorbing harmful germs and bacteria.

Commercial fabric used for chair upholstery is usually made of cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, polyolefin (or olefin), or a combination of these. Below we break down the benefits of fabric, vinyl and polyurethane so you know which finish best suits your needs.

Whether you are furnishing an exclusive restaurant, café, ice cream parlor, bar, banquet hall, hotel or church, we have a wide selection of wooden or metal chairs to suit your needs. Our wooden and metal restaurant chairs suit all budgets, and we can also supply you with stackable, folding chairs, lounges and deckchairs.

We also provide matching bar stools and dining tables for many of our chairs, so you can easily match the look of your venue. Although most restaurant bar stools come with matching sun loungers and side stools, you can also buy them separately.

If your site is suitable for weddings, you need elegant chairs that suit a variety of wedding styles. Whether you are an event organization company or a chair rental company, you should use all types of banquet chairs to decorate weddings, parties and large events. Alternatively, you can customize these banquette chairs with fabric, vinyl or leather seats to match your restaurant theme.

When you choose chair covers for banquet chairs, you can use chair frames in polyester or satin. The combination of folding chair with sliding door and lid looks good.

You can put more of these chairs in your hideout, or put a few chairs at the end of the hallway for more seating. One of the reasons why these chairs are often used in events is that they are very easy to move and very convenient to rent. Although Chiavari chairs may not be as inexpensive as banquette chairs and folding chairs, they are very popular at events because they can be easily furnished.

Their presence in different materials, colors, patterns, functions, etc. makes them suitable for all themes in the restaurant. Before choosing a particular stackable stool and bar stool for your restaurant, determine your needs, your clientele, your budget and its intended use.

This article highlights some of the most important aspects of stacking restaurant chairs and bar stools. In addition, it serves as a practical guide for choosing, using and archiving them regardless of the theme of the restaurant. We will be happy to help you plan your layout and find a restaurant that suits your business.

Make sure you measure your chairs, banquette or folding chairs by following the chart above. We recommend that you know your chair height, seat and leg measurements before buying a chair cover. Once you have decided on your style (banquet, folding or other), you can check the dimensions of the chair covers to determine if they will fit your chairs. These satin slipcovers look great on chairs of all sizes as they drape elegantly around them.