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Does ultrasound show signs of having a boy?

We believe that ultrasound gives gender prediction of the fetus within 2 months of pregnancy, but this is not true.

Ultrasound is a new technology of new science, through which many activities happening inside the body are detected very easily, similarly, in ultrasound during pregnancy, every activity and organ of the baby can be easily recognized by looking at it. .

The signs of having a boy are clearly visible in ultrasound and doctors can easily tell you by gender prediction.

Gender prediction in any pregnancy should happen within 2 months of the beginning, only then it matters. Otherwise, it becomes very risky to think about not having pregnancy after this.

But here it is equally true that according to the development of the baby in the first 2 months of pregnancy, it is difficult to do gender tests easily.

Abortion in the first 2 months of pregnancy is very easy, but in the first 2 months of pregnancy, the development of the baby is not enough that you can easily predict its gender.

Doctors, on the basis of their own experience, make predictions on the basis of the symptoms seen in the baby, whether the child will be a boy or a girl.

If seen, it was a kind of convenience. But we Indians have a habit that we do not fail to pay tribute. We started taking illegitimate advantage of this facility.

The conditions of Indian society are as follows, and having a daughter has its own distinct meaning within Indian society.

Because of this, a large amount of female feticide started being carried out inside India, and this work was being done more by very rich and educated people. The biggest consequence of this was seen that the number of women per thousand men inside the society remained around 800 or 900.

In a way, it has become a state of disintegration in the society. Later on, the society could have to bear the huge consequences of this. That’s why the government completely banned gender prediction by ultrasound.

Gender testing is a crime in today’s time. It is a punishable offense for both the couple and the doctors who do gender prediction. Recognition of centers and doctors doing gender prediction is abolished.

Well, all this is not possible legally, but gender prediction is not possible even with ultrasound so early, only doctors used to make predictions on the basis of their experience and on the basis of growth in the child.