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10 Of The Best Places to Find Light Fixtures Manufacturers

Other manufacturers outsource everything, including design, manufacturing, and customer service, whereas WAC chooses to construct everything internally.

Light fixtures manufacturers are the people responsible for creating all kinds of lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for indoor lights, outdoor lights, pendant lights, recessed lighting, or anything else you can think of – there is a light fixture manufacturer that produces it.

A wide variety of businesses manufacture light fixtures, which makes it simple to find one that meets your needs. However, not all manufacturers are equal in terms of quality and style.

Depending on what kind of light fixture you’re looking for, there may be specific manufacturers that are better suited than others. In this post we will take a look at some of the best places to find light fixtures manufacturers so you can get started on your search right away.

Shree Electrical

One of the top LED lighting manufacturers in the world, Shree Electrical specialises in lighting, controls, and daylighting systems. It provides a broad selection of indoor and outdoor lighting options fit for any need and setting. Several industries, including education, commercial offices, healthcare, hospitality, government, industrial, retail, residential, transportation, roadway, bridges, tunnels, sewer, and dams, are served by the company’s broad array of lighting products. The company is concentrating on creating innovative, cutting-edge goods, such as organic LED lighting (OLED), solid-state LED lighting coupled with digital controllers, and various LED-based lamps. This company produces digital lighting systems with eldoLED driver technology, which offers excellent system performance, cutting-edge capabilities, and a wide range of power levels.


One of the biggest manufacturers of LED lights, Cree also produces semiconductors for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. To provide exceptional performance and high endurance for semiconductor devices and high intensity LEDs, which run at high temperatures and voltages, Cree LED chips mix InGaN materials with its own SiC substrates. Cree Inc. LEDs are utilised in a variety of applications, including intelligent lighting, EV/HEVs, electronic signs, and conventional indoor and outdoor illumination. SmartCast Intelligence Platform, used by Cree smart lighting, is a lighting control system that blends intelligent luminaries with the Internet of Things (IoT), cutting-edge apps, and sensor-rich lighting networks to give organisations data-driven insights.

GE Lighting

The lighting subsidiary of General Electric, GE Lighting, is one of the largest LED lighting manufacturers in the world and focuses on developing the best lighting options for homes. GE LED light bulbs are renowned for their excellent levels of energy efficiency and robustness.


The lighting branch of Eaton offers a wide selection of cutting-edge and dependable indoor and outdoor lighting and control solutions. These lighting systems are used in a variety of settings, including industrial, retail, institutional, utility, and residential ones. The company is utilising the most recent technologies to assist communities and businesses in increasing efficiency, lowering expenses, and safeguarding the environment.


A division of Osram, Osram Opto Semiconductors specialises in the development and production of opto-semiconductor goods, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The business creates high-quality products in the areas of LED lighting, visualisation, and sensor technologies using its substantial technological know-how. Applications for Osram LED general lighting include indoor, outdoor, horticultural, and human-centric lighting. By simulating natural sunshine, Osram’s human-centric lighting systems assist improve a person’s performance, comfort, health, and wellbeing. Additionally, the business provides customers with digital lighting solutions to aid in the completion of IoT and smart building projects.

Nichia Corporation

In terms of revenue from the selling of LED packages, Nichia is one of the top LED lighting producers in the world. It creates and produces LEDs for use in general and automotive lighting, LCD backlighting, displays, and other applications. By fusing yellow phosphor with blue LED, this company created the first white LED in history. The business also manufactures UV-LED, which is utilised in applications including high precision curing, ink curing, bill checking, counterfeit detection, and lithography that demand stringent quality checks. Great luminous flux density, various cluster configurations, and high efficiency define Nichia LED packages. AIST and Nichia have collaborated to develop the Nichia standard LED, which offers uniform spatial distribution, outstanding temperature stability, and reproducible lighting (AIST).

WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting has been at the forefront of new technology for more than 35 years. As a second-generation owner-operated business, WAC Lighting continues to raise the bar for design and manufacture by defying expectations and ethically producing sustainable goods.