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Best Designer Indian Silver Jewellery Online From Mcj Jewels

Stylish Indian Jewellery Online store with high-quality, affordable range of fashion jewelry for women & girls available on our online jewellery shopping store.

Buy Traditional Antique Silver Jewelry Online From MCJ Jewels

The word antique defines itself well- belonging to ancient times likewise antique jewelry resembles the vintage designs and style but is oxidized for the appearance.

Silver has long been used for making jewelry, gradually the sterling silver 925 jewelry market is engulfing the pure silver segment, in light of its versatility in designing and comparatively lower prices.

The oxidation of the metal has skyrocketed the 925 silver fondness amongst the mass as the black silver provides the nostalgic vibes in contemporary styles. 

Mcj Jewels is a brand of wonderfully handmade antique jewelry that has a premium assortment to adorn your ears and neckline, beautify your hands, accentuate your beautiful ankles and toes to upscale your style statement.

MCJ Jewellery For Neckline

Adorn your neckline with finely carved antique jewelry designs to add a chic factor to your ethnic wear. The antique necklaces are a way to refurbish your wardrobe with fresh yet traditional vibes.

One can adorn an antique silver mangalsutra instead of any other to create a versatile style statement.

You can create a trendsetting streak on your wedding day by replacing a monotonous bridal jewelry set with an antique jewelry set for marriage.


Antique Necklace Designs

Modern Culture Jewelry showcases an array of jewelry pieces that are handmade with an oxidized finish to make the wearer standout the crowd.

Be worry free!!! The brand’s oxidized jewelry is as safe as its enamel jewelry and as classy as its rose gold jewelry

Some of our most loved antique necklaces are – 

  1. Antique Floral Oxidized Silver Necklace,
  1. Peacock Design Vintage Oxidized Silver Necklace
  2. Black Onyx Floral Silver Necklace

If you are a person who loves experimenting with your looks; try our tribal hasli silver necklace that adheres to the circumference of your neck and adds immense grace with its chitai work.

Opt for the choker necklaces to add brilliance to any outfit, these make superb choices of accessory for  long neck beauties. 

You can attain a complete chic look by adorning a silver antique jewelry set that enhances your neckline while accentuating your ears too. 

Thinking where to buy it from? 

Modern culture jewelry’s assortment of necklaces not only includes oxidized silver necklace and sterling silver necklace but also showcases an array of stylish antique necklace sets that has a necklace and complementing earrings. 

These jewelry sets can amp up your office wear and can also turn into a fabulous evening wear accessory. 

The blackish hues provide a standout to the coloured gemstones studded on them. Some of our necklace sets are:

  1. Oxidized Silver Bead Necklace Set
  2. Ruby Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Set

Antique Silver Rings To Amplify Your Fingers

Rings have a much old history of upgrading fashion statements since pre-medieval times. With the passage of time, designs and materials have evolved yet the love for antique jewelry has never faded.

The antique rings in sterling silver 925 have spell binding aura in them, these rings are a chic piece of jewelry that have an ability to beautify any age segment with their immense poise.

So are the rings by Modern Culture Jewelry, designed on traditional patterns that possess an essence of modernized fashion to make everyone fashion faithful. 

Do you think ankle bells are just for anklets?

We can prove you wrong, visit our portal for statement rings embellished with ankle bells; one of them is a checkerboard silver ring with ghungroos.   

Do you have a notion that only diamond rings can make an impact?  Then have a look at our glass 925 silver ring that can bedazzle anyone with its shine.

Choose from an eloquent choice of oxidized rings to suit your lifestyle and fashion approach and let your hands do the talking!!!!!