When I Found The Ideal Christmas Party Venue

Searching for the Ideal Christmas Party Venue? The answer is crystal clear from my personal experience. Read further to know more..

Festive seasons can be utilised to make bonds stronger, be it for loved ones or corporates. It was the festive season, and as a start-up company in Sydney, my boss decided to host a Christmas party for our client, the CEO of a multinational company. He was tough to impress, I had heard. I wondered if our association with the company would last. Our company was a starter and we were planning to work together on an important project. I wondered why my boss took the risky bet of calling him for a Christmas party even if it was to impress him. And what was more pressurising I was given the responsibility of taking over the reins of the task at hand. In short, the Christmas party decided the fate of our project and my fate in the company as well.

Brainstorming For The Ideal Christmas Party Venue
So, with the time in hand I asked for suggestions from my workmates, friends and loved ones. From restaurant venues, hotel venues, private dining rooms to pubs. They had nothing new to offer that would give out a unique experience. So, I had to literally pull my hair to find the ideal venue. On a family get together, my cousin was relating about her experience aboard one of the Sydney Christmas party cruises last year. That’s when it struck me. Why not host a party at one of these cruises? I forwarded the idea to my boss who was sceptical about it at first, with the budget in hand. But to bag the big project from a multinational company, he understood it could be worth it.

Beyond Expectations.
We gave a warm welcome to the client who accepted our Christmas party invite. He expressed his surprise at being invited to such an exceptional venue. I took a sigh of relief. We had passed the first step, I guessed. But I knew this wasn’t the end, they had to have a splendid experience aboard the cruise as well. The cruise director led us to our seats in no time. A slow breeze hit our faces, and blew our hair right through the wind, just then. I noticed that a smile crept over the client’s face as he took in the panoramic harbour views. The views, no doubt, were truly magnificent, from the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and more. A smile crept over my face, my workmates and my boss too seemed impressed.

A Pleasant Dining Experience
After the magnificent harbour views, my hopes were pinned on our dining experience. We led the client towards the multi-cuisine buffet onboard. From healthy salads & entrees to a hot selection of fish, chicken, roasted vegetables & more, we ended our amazing lunch with a personal favourite dessert of tiramisu. Positive vibes soon filled the air, as we sat together and talked over drinks onboard. We were even lured to capture these moments on the deck, with the harbour views as a spectacular backdrop.

All’s Well That Ends Well
I finally got the hint, it was a roaring success when the client started to speak about our big project. Once we were seated in the mezzanine lounge, he listened to our ideas and suggestions with an open mind. And that was exactly what we were looking out for. The ambience proved to be an added advantage. We cracked the deal, with a firm handshake, the project was confirmed to be ours. Before the party came to a close, my boss didn’t forget to give me a pat on the back. This mesmerising experience aboard the Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney turned out to be a real boon for my career.

I felt the need to share my experience with you personally, to help you avoid having a hard time finding a Christmas party venue in Sydney. If you have found my blog helpful in any way, please comment below.