Teeth Whitening – Roots & Crown microDentistry

Everyone wants a bright, sparkling smile. But over time, teeth can become dull and discolored from foods, drinks, medications, aging, and more.

Aesthetic dentistry is considered an integral part of restorative dentistry due to the increasing demand from patients for such type of treatment for a healthy and attractive smile. Tooth discoloration is becoming a greater concern as more emphasis is placed on esthetics. With the growing awareness of esthetic options, there is greater demand for solutions to such unsightly problems as food staining, fluorosis, and tetracycline staining. Tooth bleaching (tooth whitening) has become increasingly popular in the last 15 years because of the introduction of simple, conservative, and effective ways of treating stained or discolored teeth.

The public has received bleaching systems as a more conservative and economical method of improving the appearance of dentition. Bleaching is one of the corrective measures used to treat discolored teeth. It can be performed internally on non-vital teeth or externally on vital teeth. The term in-office tooth bleaching refers to tooth whitening procedures completed in a dental office under close supervision. In-office bleaching is done by applying a concentrated bleaching agent, typically a gel, to the affected teeth for several minutes. The application can be repeated a few times at the same visit. Several visits are usually required to achieve the desired result, depending on the nature and severity of the discoloration.

Roots and Crown microDENTISTry provide in-office teeth whitening with the latest techniques and bleaching kits. We take care of the post-operative sensitivity caused by the teeth whitening systems. We use teeth whitening kits that do not cause little sensitivity postoperatively.