Squid Game Halloween Costumes

The official Squid Game Store presents this Halloween costume with eye-catching designs. The latest Halloween costumes at Squid Game can be found here.

Adult Unisex Squid Game Guard Costume with Mask

The first and foremost product on the list is none other than the squid game halloween costumes that is perfect for you if you are in search of your next Halloween costume. This pinkish-red hood suit has a black mask and a circle shape. In addition to the pink color, there is a black zipper and a black waist belt to complete the whole look. And as it is a guard costume, you will notice a normal-sized flap pocket on the front. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit most adults or children’s bodies. We guarantee you will receive a lot of compliments and attention while you are out trick-or-treating, so find your favorite version and get it before we sell out! Made of polyester, this costume is sturdy and durable. Satisfy your Halloween needs with our official squid game merchnadise . Our Squid Game Costume is inspired by the popular series everybody knowns. Featuring a pinlish-hooded long which covers the whole body along with a scary black mask.

Boss Squid Game Front Man Costume (Mask, Gloves & Coat)

Another significant squid game cosplay is none other than the squid game front man costume. Do you want to look like an evil Dracula this Halloween? If yes, this black-colored apparel is no less than a gift to you. It is available in all sizes, a long hooded coat with matching gloves, and a signature mask. Squid Game boss costume is the perfect choice for your Halloween. It’s designed to look just like an actual, live squid game front man character. This fun costume is lightweight and perfect for any occasion and holiday party season, where you can get a little extra attention.
When walking about the closure, a high-quality zipper is being used that gets hidden after you zip up the coat. There are also two big-sized pockets available at the front to keep all of your sweet treats close to you at the party.