Health Examination for Visa Australia Update in October 2022

Health Examination Request is exempted for Most Onshore Temporary Visa Applicants

Health Examination Request is exempted for Most Onshore Temporary Visa Applicants

On 20 October 2022, the Australian government announced an exemption arrangement for health examination for visa Australia. The arrangement will exempt some onshore Australian temporary visa applicants. The government also emphasized that they will review arrangements again in early 2023.

ONE derland Consulting has summarized all the information you need about this new arrangement.

Health Examination Exemption for Onshore Temporary Visa Applicants

The exemption is applicable for certain onshore Australian temporary visa applicants. The exemption will be considered through the applicant’s nationality, the previous residence, and proposed length of stay. It also applies to below visa subclasses only:

  • 401 – Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)
  • 403 – Temporary Work International Relations
  • 405 – Investor Retirement
  • 407 – Training
  • 408 – Temporary Activity
  • 410 – Retirement
  • 417 and 462 – Working Holiday
  • 461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship
  • 476 – Skilled Recognised Graduate
  • 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage
  • 485 – Temporary Graduate
  • 500 – Student
  • 590 – Student Guardian
  • 600 – Visitor
  • 870 – Sponsored Parent (Temporary)
  • 995 – Diplomatic (Temporary)


However, if you’re still under one of the following situations, you would still need to undergo a health examination for visa Australia:

  • submitted an application for medical treatment, temporary protection, or a provisional visa.
  • plan to work as (or pursue studies in) a doctor, dentist, nurse, or paramedic; anticipate having medical expenses or needing medical treatment;
  • will visit a hospital, an elderly care institution, or a facility for people with disabilities (if there is a higher tuberculosis risk)
  • are expecting a child and plan to deliver it in Australia
  • will be an intern or receive training at an Australian daycare center.
  • are older than 75 years old (if applying for a visitor visa)
  • have a history of tuberculosis in the home; or
  • receive a request from the Department to do so.

To ensure you are required to undergo the examination, you may check your Immi Account regularly.

If you have booked an appointment with BUPA for an examination, keep your appointment. The BUPA will contact you if the appointment is canceled or not.