Why study environmental regulations?

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As significant economic changes sweep India, the need for environmental protection laws and regulations is felt more than ever in both the public and private sectors.

Unscientific infrastructure development, fast-paced urbanization, and the overutilization of natural resources have made people realize the need for ironclad rules and regulations to protect the environment. Increasing environmental crimes and climate change, leading to biodiversity loss, water scarcity, soil degradation, and air, water, and environmental pollution are some of the areas that call for strong legislation.

Environmental regulations play a predominant role in most world economies. They serve as tools to regulate economic activities that leave hazardous impacts on the environment. They also minimize environmental risk and liability and promote sustainable environmental management practices.

Environmental laws are the core of sustainable development because they integrate environmental protection and sustainability with the rules of the law to ensure balanced growth. Environmental regulations are predominantly specific rules and actions enforced by administrative agencies to control pollution and manage natural resources. These regulations protect the environment and internalize externalities, including direct and indirect interventions.

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