What is the Future of the Anti-Theft Locking Devices?

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Cars are precious, and that’s why you need to protect them adequately. The proper anti-theft locking devices will help you protect your investment from malicious actors. Irrespective of the security of the parking area, there is always a possibility of car theft. 

Your vehicle is not merely a convenience. It is a necessity, and that’s why you should invest in a good car central locking system. Car burglaries and vandalism can severely affect the security of your vehicle. Anti-theft devices and alarms can secure your car from unknown threats. 

The future of anti-theft devices for vehicles looks bright because of the evolution of safety technologies. As one of the major types of car accessories, anti-theft devices can decrease your automobile insurance premium.

From multi-factor authentication to the Internet of Things (IoT), car anti-theft devices will become more advanced in the future. Here are some essential things to know about the future of vehicle anti-theft locking devices.   

Overview of Anti-Theft Locking Devices for Cars

Stealing a vehicle is no longer as simple as hot-wiring the ignition. However, technology is unable to lower the frequency of car robberies. Nowadays, thieves have the proper know-how to steal cars effortlessly. 

If you regularly park your car in an unsecured area, invest in the best anti-theft locking devices. You can install a range of anti-theft devices in your vehicle ranging from GPS trackers to alarms. You will get complete peace of mind by installing a car anti-theft device. 

Connected Cars- The Future of the Automotive Industry 

Connected cars are now a reality, thanks to the advent of IoT. A connected car refers to a vehicle which contains on-board sensors and internet connectivity to interact with digital devices. Here are some traits of connected cars you should know. 

  • Connected cars are secure as they facilitate smooth communication between drivers and passengers. For instance, if someone is trying to break into your vehicle, you’ll get automatic updates on your phone via texts. 
  • By installing the proper security system, you can allow your car to send you automatic updates. 
  • Even if you park your car in an unsafe area, there is no need to worry. The suitable car anti-theft device will alert you instantly if someone tries to steal it. 

Kill Switch as Anti-Theft Locking Devices

One of the best ways to prevent car theft is to install a kill switch. It functions by disrupting the electricity flow to the fuel pump. The interruption created by kill switches can deter the thieves from stealing your vehicle. 

But ensure that you install the kill switch conspicuously so that the thieves cannot locate it. It is crucial to establish a kill switch properly with the help of professionals. Typically, it is a good idea to keep the kill switch beneath your car’s dashboard. 

Mechanical Immobilisers

Mechanical immobilisers are of varied types. Note that these anti-theft locking devices are not that hi-tech, and as a result, you can easily afford them. Customary to their name, they leverage mechanical devices to hinder the vehicle’s mobility. Some of the best mechanical immobilisers are as follows:

  • Steering Wheel Lock 

Steering wheel locks are one of the traditional theft protection devices. A steering lock attaches to the steering of the car and prevents thieves from driving away your vehicle. 

  • Tire Lock 

Law enforcement officials use tire locks to prevent owners from parking their cars illegally. However, you can use them as anti-theft locking devices too. A tire lock is a great way to prevent carjacking. If you invest in tire locks, opt for lug nuts too. Lug nuts offer an extra layer of protection to your car. 

Video Recording through Dash Cams 

Dash cams are functional car accessories and will assist you in preventing car thefts. Nowadays, dash cams offer 360-degree camera coverage. 

Hence, it is possible for you to get a complete recording of everything that happens around the vehicle. Apart from dash cams, you can also buy infrared recording cameras. Infrared cameras can automatically activate themselves if someone attempts to break into your car in total darkness.  

Smartphone-Based Car Security Tools

In the future, smartphone-based car security systems will gain immense popularity. Instead of setting off an alarm, this type of car security system will send customised updates straight to your smartphone. 

The smartphone-based car security systems operate through the internet and allow real-time monitoring of the vehicle. Moreover, it can send instant notifications if something happen to your car. You can even track your vehicle via GPS with this security system.