Learning to think critically

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Ever wondered what it means to ‘think’? Is it the same as observation? If it is not, how does it differ from it? The course on Critical Thinking explains it all. From the very basic understanding of the difference, we moved on to the different kinds of syllogisms and arguments, the fallacies in those arguments that one might encounter, cognitive biases, statistical and probabilistic reasoning, and the idea behind knowledge.

We learnt how to think and not what to think. How different is that from what we normally learn in classrooms? The interactive classes were a lot of fun. I tried to incorporate the ideas that I learnt in class into my everyday life. Initially, it was just me pointing out the fallacies in others’ arguments, but over a period of time, I noticed a change in my way of thinking.  I have become an active thinker. I now do not consume information passively, without verifying the source and without checking the validity and soundness of every argument. And what’s more, I am now conscious of my own biases and judgements that are based on them.

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