How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

The critical care visit cost depends on several factors, including type of treatment, area, modern facility, equipment, and the number of visits.

There are situations where people have gone to the hospital or a clinic without insurance, especially when it is about urgent care. You may not have gone, but those who have to know what urgent care is. Urgent care is a hospital or walk-in clinic that offers treatment for non-serious illnesses and injuries. It is a place where there is no need to go to an emergency room. The cost is applicable. But what does the urgent care visit cost?

The Amount for an Urgent Care Visit

The price for a simple urgent care visit for a 30-minute consultation ranges from $190 to $300. It is acute care without insurance. The average cost of an urgent care visit includes diagnostic tests like flu, strep, and urine test. The holidays can become expensive only if the problem is significant. But, primarily, those individuals experiencing sudden medical problems need urgent care where immediate medical attention is required. There is a difference in price range when the visits show a high level of care per the patients’ requirements.

The Amount for Advanced Treatments

The amount for advanced treatments like X-rays or ultra round scans is higher than the simple urgent care visit cost. The price difference is over 30%, which is the critical care cost without insurance, of which the range is $300 to $500. To handle such out-of-pocket expenses, it is advised to know the costs before visiting an urgent care center so there are no surprises when you pay the bill.

Factors Affecting the Urgent Care Cost

Based on Experience

The urgent care visit cost depends on the clinical expertise. If the urgent care provider is more experienced, the price may be high compared to the general advice that is not costly. For instance, patients may want an examination, but others wish for a treatment based on their sickness. There will be a price change if it is more than just a diagnosis. The care would be in the range of $100 to $150. But when we talk about other conditions or procedures like x-rays, the rate may be $250 to 500 dollars for each appointment.


The location of the urgent care facility determines the service price. The cost will be high if the care center is located in a populated or expensive place. Finding a cheap location will let you pay an urgent care cost without insurance. 

Treatment Period

The duration of treatment determines the urgent care visit cost. The price will be higher if there are more appointments than a single visit. The situation can be understood based on the nature of the problem.


The type of facility, equipment, and methods used to treat a condition determines the cost of urgent care visits. A modern facility and expensive equipment will solve the problem, but it comes at a price higher than the nominal ones.


Urgent care is expensive without insurance, but you can avoid it by having a health savings account or spending account that will help you pay for critical costs. Also, there are urgent care clinics that offer cash discounts. Try to find them to save your urgent care visit cost.