What is Austrian Airlines Baggage Allowance?

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What is Austrian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Austrian Airlines is a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airlines. As one of the leading airlines of Austria, they have their baggage allowance and policies. The authorities have implemented those policies to ensure your journey with them remains safe and comfortable. The baggage allowance of an airplane varies on many factors, such as the distance it is flying, local regulations, your cabin, space inside the aircraft, etc. They fix the dimensions and weight limits based on those measurements. So it is always advisable to stick to the rules stated by the authorities. Here are all the data that you need to know about ‘What isAustrian Airlines Baggage Allowance.’


What is Austrian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Austrian Air is one of the leading airlines in the world, with flights operating across the globe. So it is evident that every rule and regulation they have placed is there only to enhance the experience of your journey with them. The number of bags you can carry, the maximum weight, and every factor related to baggage allowance depends on the nature of your ticket. The amount of space available for your luggage varies from cabin to cabin, so the measurements of your baggage have been framed accordingly.

·They offer a free check-in baggage allowance, determined by your ticket and the route you are flying on, since they have both domestic and international flights. They have to abide by the local baggage allowance rules of different locations.

·If you travel on the European route, you can have only one bag per passenger. It should measure at most 158cm and weigh at most 23 kg for the intercontinental way.

·But do note that if you have booked an Economy Light ticket, you don’t have the facility of free checked baggage. However, you can still book a bag, and if you do it 2 hours before your departure, you get to book it at an advance sale rate.

·The fee for baggage booking varies from route to route, like domestic route, U.S route, etc.

·On Austrian Air flights, you get to carry one – carry-on luggage and one personal item such as a sachet, laptop bag, small bag, etc.

·You will be charged additional fees if your bag exceeds the weight limit. The cost varies based on the route you are traveling in.

So now you have all the necessary data about What isAustrian Airlines Baggage Allowance. But since the different fees associated with your baggage depend on routes, contact your local airline authorities for more details.


How much does it cost to check your baggage?

Since Austrian Air has flights operating in various routes worldwide, their baggage fees depend on the route the flight is traveling in. In addition, different locations, countries, and airports have numerous policies regarding baggage allowance and expenses. So when their flight is about to travel to a place, they must accordingly impose regulations on their customers’ baggage. So here is all that you need to know.

  • Austrian Air allows you to check your baggage for free. But if you have booked an Economy Light ticket, your fare won’t give you access to this facility. However, you can book your bag in advance.

·If you book your bag 2 hours before your departure time, you get discounts because of Price In Advance Sale. For Domestic routes, you have to pay 15-30 Euro, for Europe route 25-40 Euro, for worldwide destinations 60-90 Euro, and so on.

·If you are eligible for the free baggage allowance policy, your check-in baggage can weigh up to 23 kg and has to be a maximum of 158 cm in measurement to avoid getting charged any extra amount.

·If your baggage crosses the size limit and measures between 158-292 cm and the weight is between 24-32 kg, you must pay the excess baggage fees.

·The excess baggage fees also vary from route to route. For Domestic flights, it is 40-80 Euro, for Euro 50-100 Euro and so on.

·The airlines will also take care of items like your sports equipment if it does not cross the size and weight limits. If it does, you must pay an extra charge and ticket handling fee.

So hopeful your question How much does it cost to check your baggage? , has been answered. So please book your flight with Austrian Air today and enjoy a beautiful journey with them.