Misunderstanding Of Solar Street Light Installation

Solar street lights have now been widely implemented.


Solar street lights have now been widely implemented. Solar street lights are a very good product in terms of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection. At the same time, because they rely on solar power to generate electricity, the project cost will be relatively reduced, so some users will use solar street lights for a period of time. It reflects that the solar street light does not light up after installation, or it can only light up for a few hours. So why is that? Today, I will take you to explore the reasons for this.

  The main reason for this is that the construction personnel do not know enough about the installation requirements of solar street lights, which makes the installation of solar street lights inappropriate, causing the solar panels to be unable to be charged with normal efficiency, thus causing the solar street lights to fail to light up or the lighting time is very short. So what are the misunderstandings about the installation of solar street lights?

  1. The obstructions around the installation site of the solar street light are not avoided. Once the obstructions block the light, it is very easy to affect the light energy absorption and utilization of the solar panel, resulting in the solar panel being unable to be charged directly or barely able to be charged.

  2. The installation of solar street lights is too dense, and there are other street lights next to the solar street lights and other street lights are on, which causes the solar street light panel to detect the light source and mistakenly think that it is the sun, causing the charging voltage of the solar panel to take effect. will light up.

  3. The solar panel is under the shadow of the shade, resulting in a shadow on the solar panel that cannot directly receive the sun light source, because the cells of the solar panel are generally in strings, and there is a shadow on a string of cells. Even if this string of cells cannot work properly, this string will be disconnected, so the charging efficiency of the solar panel will be very low or it may not even be able to charge the battery.

  4, the double-arm solar street light, the double-arm solar street light should be connected to the solar power supply for both lamp heads. If both solar panels are connected to the power supply and are installed face-to-face, then only one side of the solar panel can be guaranteed to be effective. On the other hand, since the light source can’t directly shine on the solar panel, the charging efficiency will be reduced.