maintenance of the home set-top box cannot be less

Abstract: With the advent of the Internet era, set-top boxes have entered many families.

Abstract: With the advent of the Internet era, set-top boxes have entered many families. With the existence of set-top boxes, it becomes easier for people to watch TV and surf the Internet. If you plan to install a set-top box at home, you must first ensure that you have mastered the correct installation steps. In addition, you must also know that the set-top box must be maintained regularly in the later use process. Only in this way can you ensure its normal long-term use. Corresponding problems have caused some inconveniences to our lives. Here, I will introduce the installation steps and usage skills of the set-top box, hoping to help everyone.

How to install a set-top box

1. Connect one end of the cable TV cable to the TV terminal box, and the other end to the RF input port of the set-top box. If the cable TV terminal box has two input ports of TV and FM, it needs to be connected to the TV outlet.

2. Then use a three-color audio line to connect the set-top box and the TV, plug it into the audio and video output port behind the set-top box according to the color correspondence, and plug the other end into the audio and video output port of the TV .

3. After the line connection is completed, the user needs to check whether the smart card of the set-top box is correctly placed in the set-top box. The direction of the smart card is that the colored side is facing up and the red arrow is facing inward.

4. Then turn on the power of the TV and the set-top box, and use the TV remote control to press the TV video conversion button to convert the TV channel to the correct video.

5. When the preparation work is completed, the content played in the set-top box will appear on the TV screen. If the program to be searched is prompted in the TV menu, search for the program according to the manual.

Maintenance details of the set-top box

1. Turn off the TV first, then turn off the top box

After watching the TV, the order of shutdown should be, first turn off the power of the TV, and then turn off the power of the set-top box. If the order is reversed, it is easy to break the software inside the set-top box.

2. No items are placed on the set-top box

The set-top box dissipates heat through the top. If any items are placed, the heat dissipation of the set-top box will be affected, resulting in overheating of the set-top box and affecting the life of the set-top box.

3. Avoid dust, humidity and high temperature

As an electrical appliance, the set-top box needs to be kept away from dusty places, humidity and high temperature, otherwise failures such as blockage and short circuit will occur.

4. Do not plug and unplug the line frequently

Some users think that unplugging all the plugs at the rear of the set-top box after use has a maintenance effect on the set-top box, but this is not the case. Frequent plugging and unplugging will cause the slot of the set-top box to become loose, which may easily cause problems such as poor contact.

5. Keep the voltage stable

Unstable voltage is easy to damage the internal parts of the set-top box, and the socket used for the set-top box should preferably ensure stable voltage.

6. Avoid strong vibration

The relocation and placement of the set-top box should be handled with care to avoid vibration and affect the internal hardware. It is best to place it in a place that is not easy to fall, otherwise strong vibration will damage the set-top box and affect the use.

Editor’s summary: The details of how to install the set-top box and the maintenance of the set-top box are introduced here, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about acquaintances, you can follow HKMLC information.