Learn about the three roles of inositol

We may often hear vitamin B and some other vitamins in our daily life, and a vitamin is divided into many kinds, such as vitamin B

We may often hear vitamin B and some other vitamins in our daily life, and a vitamin is divided into many kinds, such as vitamin B, which is divided into vitamin B1, B2, etc., each of these categories has Different effects and effects, so when you buy, you should not only know which vitamin your body is lacking, but also know the different effects of each vitamin. Today, I will introduce inositol to you. Inositol also has another name called vitamin B8, to understand what role and function this vitamin has.

First, reduce blood lipids

Inositol  itself is a substance that exists in our body, but this substance will be consumed after some changes. Usually, some foods we eat also contain inositol, but the muscles contained in the food. Alcohol is very little, so friends in need can supplement inositol additionally. After this substance is combined with choline, it will produce a substance called lecithin, which can reduce blood lipids in our body and promote cholesterol. Metabolism, so friends with high blood lipids or fatty liver can reduce blood lipids by supplementing inositol.

Second, improve hair loss

In addition to supplementing the nutrients in our body, inositol can also prevent and improve the symptoms of hair loss. The milk powder that babies eat also contains inositol, so supplementing inositol can make our eyes, stomach and intestines. There are also healthier brains and bones. This substance can make our cell membranes healthier. Many male friends with hair loss take inositol every day, and the symptoms of hair loss have been significantly improved after insisting on taking it.

Third, the pregnancy rate increased

The main function of myo-inositol is to increase the uptake of glucose by cells; while the function of dextro-inositol is to promote the synthesis of hepatic glucose. The ratio of myo-inositol to dextro-inositol varies considerably within cells of different organ tissues. Taking ovarian tissue as an example, myo-inositol and dextro-inositol exist in a ratio of 40:1; by activating calcium channels in ovarian cells, myo-inositol makes the eggs in meiosis more mature, which can improve fertilization and fertilization. Rate. Clinical studies have found that myo-inositol can improve the quality of eggs and embryos, and reduce the use of follicle-stimulating hormones during artificial insemination IVF to improve the success rate of pregnancy.

There are many other functions of inositol. Here, we will introduce some of the more common and important functions. Inositol is essential in our body, so everyone eats more inositol than usual. In addition to the food provided, additional supplements can be made if necessary.