Workmanship and materials

When I was looking at the workmanship, I noticed that there is a zip here, which is something I noticed when I was shopping.

After unpacking the mattress, my first concern is of course the fabric and workmanship, let’s take a look together, just open this side is the reverse side, with non-slip fabric. The front side of the mattress is made of a Belgian Becket knitted fabric with a diffusion pattern, which is soft to the touch and has an anti-bacterial and anti-mite effect. The fabric is also antibacterial and anti-mite. The pattern looks very delicate and I smelt it close to me, but there is no smell at all, so I am relieved that the 0 formaldehyde is true to its name. The side of my mattress is grey, which means I chose a mattress that is moderately soft and firm, and a blue one that is on the firmer side, so if you are buying for a child, you can consider a mattress that is on the firmer side. The end of the mattress comes with a SweetNight stitching label and the workmanship is exquisite, no kidding.
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You can unzip the whole mattress from here and take out the mattress, the outer layer of the Becket knitted fabric can be taken out and washed, apart from the 100 day test sleep, this is the main reason why I bought the SweetNight.

Mattress must try to sleep on their own to understand the definition of comfort, the site to buy a mattress, must not care about the eyes of the cabinet, lie on their own to try more, if you are buying online, it is recommended that you choose SweetNight this kind of brand can be 100 days to try to sleep, children or the elderly, it is recommended to choose some hard, we adults with the choice of soft and hard, the most comfortable to sleep


If you are buying a spring mattress, you must choose a non-woven independent packaging, good support, silent effect, whether it is turning over or night will not affect the pillow rest


If the home is a staircase room or lift is not big, I suggest you to buy the compressed roll packaging mattress, handling is very convenient, if there are children sleeping together, may wet the bed or vomit dirty mattress, buy a mattress can be removed and washed, is just necessary
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So, I wish you all the best of luck in buying a mattress that you like, fits and is comfortable. Click here to find out more about me.