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Workers with lumbar muscle strain

Now, for those of you who work long hours, Rosp would like to recommend a mattress that is back friendly, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress.

Now, for those of you who work long hours, Rosp would like to recommend a mattress that is back friendly, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress.


The reason is simple: it’s soft to the touch but not crumbly, and it’s very supportive, especially around the waist, which has never felt so firm! I have a bit of a lumbar strain and I used to sleep with a twist and just relax a bit before I fell asleep. “It’s a great feeling.


When I need something, I give priority to SweetNight, after all, all the stuff there is strictly reviewed by the official before it is put on the shelves, and if complaints are received after it is put on the shelves, it will also be strictly traced by SweetNight, so you can buy it on Sweetnight with your eyes closed. SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid The Mattress is the one I saw on Sweetnight, it’s a beautiful “sell” and the price of $500 is very affordable compared to the $7,000 to $8,000 mattresses.


I don’t know if you know the Sweetnight brand, but it’s a national brand with a very good reputation in recent years. Specifically, it is a new consumer home brand on the Internet, the product involves sofas, beds, dining tables and other furniture as well as mattresses, quilts, pillows and other home products, the launch of its smart electric bed, smart mattresses, smart shoe cabinets and other smart home products is also a good reputation sales double harvest. When you want to buy something for your home, you will be pleasantly surprised when you browse SweetNight.


That said, how does the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress take special care of the working man’s back? There are three aspects.


Firstly, it is equipped with a bionic dolphin lumbar spring system to protect the strained lumbar muscles

I’m not the only one who has suffered from lumbar strain. …… is probably the same fate for workers who work long hours and work hard. The interactive lumbar springs are designed to take care of the user’s back.


For those who work hard and often suffer from back pain, sleeping on the mattress is like lying in a mold made according to the curve of the waist, the pressure on the waist is dispersed, the waist can be completely relaxed and the person quickly enters a high quality sleep, this is called “decompression”! Because each spring is individually designed, the person on the right side is not bounced awake when the person on the left side turns over, as if the mattress has been divided into zones and is comfortable to sleep alone or together.


Secondly, it is made of non-sensory memory foam, which fits seamlessly around the waist

The SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is made of eucalyptus fabric, 2cm non-sensory memory foam, 3cm Schcott latex, high-density cold foam, dolphin double-wire interactive lumbar springs, high-density cold foam edge protection and a full leather surround, all of which are of luxurious scale and of artisanal quality. In a side-by-side comparison of mattresses in the same price range, this is the most sincere stack of materials.


Underneath the eucalyptus fabric is a layer of non-sensory memory foam that fits seamlessly around the lower back, allowing for excellent relaxation. Whether lying down, sleeping on your side or lying on your back, whatever your position, your lower back is always padded with a firm feeling of solidity. When you turn over and move, the rebound is also gentle and delicate, a favorite “soft place” for workers!


Three: Secondary cushioning, sensitive rebound and personalized support

Whether you’re a 90lb girl or a 200lb man, you can use the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress to its full potential and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress is made up of a 1.9mm spring and a 2.1mm spring, with the rebounding 1.9mm spring providing a perfect fit for lighter users and the 2.1mm spring for heavier users. So, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is also compatible with all weight differences and can be anyone’s best friend.


Overall, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is the best mattress I’ve come across for the lower back and the most caring for all workers, and at $500 it won’t break the bank, so why not buy it from SweetNight?