Why is it that the more you sleep, the more tired you get?

That's because you didn't choose the right mattress!

Breeze | Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

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As the old saying goes, early to bed and early to rise is good for the body. Some people can’t sleep, while others can’t sleep well. A good mattress is an indispensable but often overlooked sleep aid in the normal, high-pressure world of work.

Of course, many people go to great lengths to buy a mattress in order to “get a good night’s sleep”, but often wake up the next day and find that they have “not slept well”. This is because you have chosen a mattress that is not suitable for your body, to know that expensive things are good, but not necessarily for you! The skeletal development of the body varies from age to age and so does the choice of mattress.

Today, we will introduce you to SweetNight mattresses, which are suitable for people of different ages, and help you choose the right mattress according to your sleeping habits.

Recommendation : SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

Suitable for: white-collar, middle-aged and young people

The SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is the number one mattress on Amazon’s “Mattress Gold List” and is a popular choice among consumers.

First of all, the mattress features a silent solo pocket spring, which covers the entire bed with 899 solo pockets and provides multi-point support, allowing you to turn over without disturbing each other, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep to a large extent.

It has a moderately soft front with 91% natural Thai latex and a hard reverse with 3D coir! The front and back sides are made from a six-sided anti-bacterial and mite resistant fabric, without any chemical coating, which is skin-friendly and effective in avoiding mites.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of a white mattress, this one has a jacquard front with geometric patchwork in a variety of colours, which is still very stylish.


To have a high quality sleep, the choice of mattress can not be ignored, a good mattress not only can bring good sleep, the back and spine are good, I hope that the content brought to you can bring you help ~ if you also like the content, click here to learn more.