Vintage Booze Choices for the Merriest Christmas!

Ranging from beers, sparkling wines to the little upscale archie rose gin, Sydney offers you diverse options for Christmassy drinks.

The joyous season of mulled wines and plum cakes is knocking on the door. Soon, every home will exude the sweetest fragrance of fresh gingerbread cookies…

The air will echo with the blessed sound of carols and laughter… lights will be up on decked up Christmas trees…

And, living rooms will be stocked with chilled beer – eagerly awaiting Santa Claus!

For, Christmas is the time of sharing and caring. It is the season to share our blessings in the precious company of loved ones. The festive bonhomie calls for joyful merrymaking with bottled wines and cold beers.

During Christmas, Sydneysiders love enjoying a taste of heaven with the finest Australian beverages! This article suggests the top beverages for an enchanting Christmas season. Pour yourself a glass of Ginger Beer and give it a read as you sip on it.

  •       Ginger Beer

Sydney can never have enough of her traditional Ginger Beer. Bundaberg Ginger Beer is born in Australia. No wonder, Sydney Christmas is incomplete without this magical drink! It is made from homegrown dried ginger.

Sugarcane and water are mixed with ginger. Next, the mixture is fermented with special yeast and other flavoured ingredients. Then this beer is passed through craft filters – and your drink is ready to be tasted.

Festive party-goers make a beeline for the famous Brookvale Union Ginger Beer at local pubs in Sydney. Among other varieties, Aether Brewing Ginger Beer is also quite sought after.

  •       Angas Muscato

A glass of pink, sparkling wine jazzes up the X’mas fiesta like none other! Speaking of wines, the magic of Angas Muscato is irresistible. An exotic mixture of tropical fruits flavours like musk, lychee and spices is used to brew the Angas Muscato. Sometimes, a pinch of sherbet fizz and strawberry gelato is added to the mixture as it’s brewed!

Sydney Christmas cruises often include this popular drink on their list of beverage packages.

Indulge in the luxury of Muscato wines onboard Sydney’s classy glass boat cruises. The pleasure of enjoying 360° views of iconic Sydney landmarks like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, drinks in hand, is incomparable. What a great opportunity to unwind with your friends over several glasses of your favourite sparkling wine! Seize this golden chance with the bottomless beverage upgrade that’s offered on some of the glassboat Christmas Party cruises.

  •       Brut Reserve Sparkling Wine

Another hot favourite on a harbour cruise with a Christmas party is the Hardy’s Brut Reserve.

This crystal-clear sparkling wine is a dream-come-true for Christmas party revellers! Hardy’s Brut Reserve is medium straw in colour. A bright gold or green hue adds to its royal look. It is made with red berry, white peach, fresh lime and floral aromas. Finally, a natural acid finish balances its texture beautifully.

Raise a toast to the Christmas spirit on a lunch cruise – with this tempting drink! Festive fervour rises several notches on this attractive cruise thanks to her bottomless beverage options. 

Brut Reserve is best enjoyed with stunning views of the striking Sydney Harbour waterfront. So, make yourself comfortable onboard your cruise, with a glass of this crystal-clear beverage, on the open-air sky deck. Bask in the glory of such picturesque moments, by taking advantage of several photo ops.

And, don’t forget to book a table for a remarkable festive cruise experience this Christmas.

  •       Archie Rose Gin

Another fascinating favourite is the Archie Rose gin. Handcrafted with love, it is a super smooth spirit that is slightly expensive. However, it is definitely worth your pocket. I’ll tell you why.

Firstly, it turns you on with her exclusively distinct Australian flavour. Thanks to an intelligent blend of botanicals, this local gin balances the taste of junipers, which makes it more interesting!

Also, the beverage is low on calories. Feel the energetic drink refreshing you instantly, as it travels down your throat.

Serve it with soda water or ginger ale to spice up festive evenings. You can also mix it with cranberry, pineapple, mango or orange for a unique taste of unparalleled freshness.

Archie Rose gin is an exclusive product of the famous Archie Rose distillery in Sydney.

With these exciting booze choices, Christmas appears pretty sorted, doesn’t it?