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The creation position statement: just need to use, self-purchase, should have known wait for the crowd test, hey.

The creation position statement: just need to use, self-purchase, should have known wait for the crowd test, hey

I used to have two rooms at home, one with a pure latex mattress, which was soft, and the other with a hard spring mattress, which I slept on both sides.

This time, I also need to buy two mattresses for two rooms, and this time I want to buy a soft and firm mattress that is more comfortable to sleep on. This time I will choose a single-sided model, because I found that the double-sided mattress I bought before really does not use the other side.

1, the mattress must not have odor or volatile substances, such as formaldehyde. After all, it is placed inside the master bedroom, half of the time to spend on it, if it contains formaldehyde, which.

2, must choose a good surface fabric, breathable

3, the surface should be a little softer, but not without support, after all, to consider my old waist

4, must be independent of the spring, can not roll over to affect the people around

5, the price is also an important factor in the purchase, too expensive to consider, buy a moderate price on the line


Good mattress is to sleep out

The most important indicator of human comfort like mattresses, sofas, home furnishings, we must try to sit and sleep to know whether comfortable or not, before choosing a mattress I went to IKEA, IKEA mattresses we all understand, comfortable very expensive, cheap is not so comfortable. I am not happy to choose the discount area of such things as mattresses, no solution, or continue to come back online to see it, like mattresses such a large piece, if you buy the inappropriate do not like, the return is too much trouble, turning around, I actually saw the Fortune 500 SweetNight Group has a Dreamy Hybrid Mattress, is a package of 100 days to try to sleep, 100 days is more than 3 months! 100 days is more than 3 months!


I was instantly interested, and if I didn’t know if I liked it or not after 3 months, it wasn’t the mattress that was the problem, it was me.


2 days later, Deppon Logistics called, said a mattress came to help me send, asked me if I was at home, I thought the mattress is very big, I go down to help lift a little, let the little brother wait for me in the car park, the little brother said, no no, you are at home on the line, not a moment later the little brother alone to send me up, on, on, on this?

Although it is a carton of compressed roll packaging, but still very careful to add a thick plastic film packaging outside the carton, so as to avoid damage to the carton, I am at home alone to dismantle up or a little difficult, first remove the thick plastic film to reveal the carton

The mattress is compressed into a small volume roll, but the density and weight is still there, very heavy. After unpacking the carton, there is a roll and a bag of instructions. I would recommend opening the instructions first, as there is an unpacker inside, and this is it.

I didn’t notice it at first, but only after I opened it did I see that it came with an unpacker, so make sure you take the unpacker first and then open the plastic film, don’t follow my mistake, I carried the roll of mattresses to the bedroom alone with difficulty, put it on the bed and then started to unpack it. Again, use your own packet opener to remove the plastic wrap, it’s easier and less likely to damage the mattress.

The advantages of compressed roll mattress is obvious, is convenient to carry, buy compressed roll mattress, no longer have to worry about the lift is too narrow to put the mattress, or the building is too narrow, the mattress can not go, if the new house, buy back temporarily put in the side, not busy installation, do not have to worry about will take up too much space, compared to ordinary mattress, in handling and storage advantages simply no words, is absolutely excellent!