Why do we yawn? There is tons of research about yawning. Still new research about yawning comes every year. Sometimes yawning can be a frustrating reaction. As a daily part of life we do it every day. Well, sometimes we feel sleepy after yawn. Would you believe an 11 years old fetus yawn as part of brain development? What happens to the body when we yawn? Here we have gathered amazing facts about yawning that we definitely make you yawn a few times.

Is it contagious?

Scientist have conducted researches on how contagious yawning is. In short, yawning is contagious in 60 to 70 percent people. You may yawn if someone next to you do this. The ability to resist yawning is limited. The urge to yawn increases if someone if someone dissuades you from yawning.

Contagious to dogs

Yawning is connected to empathy. So after seeing or hearing the owner yawning dogs can start yawning. It means dogs can contract it from humans. The sound of a yawn can trigger yawning even in blind people.

Do animals yawn?

Yes! Humans are not the only ones who yawn. Animals such as crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, pigs and fishes yawn too.

Length of yawn

An average yawn lasts 6 seconds. However, women yawns are shorter than men. Heart rate increases during yawning.

Cool down head

Yawning can help you feel more concentrated. It allows you to think clearly. So if you yawn during the test, don’t worry, it will help you think clearly.

Researchers carried out an experiment with two groups of people. A hot towel was wrapped around the head of one group while that of the other group with cold towel. The researchers noticed that the group who had hot towels on their head yawned more than those who had cold a towels.

Can you suppress a yawn?

Do you think you can suppress a yawn with clenched teeth? Well, you can’t. Try it and you will feel horrible. Actually, opening jaws is part of the mechanism of yawning.

Relaxed Feeling

Yawning always feels so good. Even when asked in a survey people gave yawning 8 points out of 10.

Autism sufferers don’t experience contagiousness

Autism sufferers don’t experience yawning if they observe someone else doing so. For them it is not contagious.

Why do we yawn?

There are many theories regarding why we yawn. But no one knows which one is correct. According to one theory, people yawn when they are tired. Moreover, lack of oxygen also triggers yawning.

Satisfies You

Yawning stretches face muscles which satisfy you.

Can you die from yawning?

Although the cases are extremely rare but still there are chances. In 2007, an old man yawned so hard that he dislocated his jaw. He was not able to breathe and collapsed immediately. Doctors say the cases of lock jaws are rare. So please try to keep your yawn minimum.

Psychopaths don’t yawn often

Do you know our empathizing ability makes yawning contagious? But those who don’t find it contagious lack empathy which is the initial step of becoming a psychopath.

These facts about yawning has definitely impressed us. So now I can say I kind of like it.