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custom gift boxes sri lanka When sending gifts to Sri Lanka, custom gift boxes can be an excellent choice. These custom gift boxes can be delivered in a matter of minutes, or within a week. There are many different delivery services to choose from, including money-back guarantee delivery. To ensure that your gift arrives at its destination on time, you should order by 2 pm EST on the day of delivery.

custom gift boxes sri lanka


Costs of custom gift boxes in Sri Lanka can vary widely depending on the type of gift you’re sending and the recipient’s country of residence. For example, imported wine, electronics, and other gourmet items may be expensive. In addition, you’ll have to consider the costs of international shipping, packaging materials, insurance, and Customs taxes. Moreover, some items are not accepted for shipment to Sri Lanka.

Depending on your destination, you may want to consider using a service that offers free delivery in Colombo. Custom gift boxes service can make your gift look more personal. You can also add a message and customize the box to add that extra special touch. Most of these services provide free delivery within Colombo, and you can also select a date for delivery.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the best ways to find a reliable supplier. Simply ask people in your circle to recommend a reliable gift box supplier. custom gift boxes sri lanka is the easiest way to find a trustworthy dealer. Alternatively, you can browse through online reviews and take suggestions from other customers.

Delivery options

If you want to send a gift to a friend in Sri Lanka, there are a number of delivery options available. Whether you’re looking for a custom box to give as a gift or to present a business gift, Sri Lanka offers a variety of delivery options. In addition to shipping, Sri Lankan companies also provide order fulfillment services. Kapruka, a pioneer in the e-commerce space in Sri Lanka, offers logistical support and tools for e-commerce businesses. It is also a leading order fulfilment partner for 250+ top retailers in the country.

Reasons to send gift boxes to Sri Lanka

If you’re in the process of sending someone a gift, consider sending a custom gift basket instead. Custom gift boxes uk can be certain that it will be received in the same condition as when it was purchased, and that you’ll get the gift back if you’re not satisfied with it. And, if your gift is expensive, you can use a shipping service that guarantees that it will be delivered to the recipient as soon as possible.

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When sending gourmet food or chocolates, be sure to avoid sending items that are perishable. In the sultry heat of the island, these items can melt. They also need to be wrapped discreetly, to avoid being pulled out of the package by Customs officials.

Custom gift boxes nz postal service in Sri Lanka can sometimes lose small packages. However, bigger boxes weighing over 1 kilogram are more likely to arrive safely. In addition, big boxes are processed separately, under an official postal stamp. If you’re not sure whether your gift will arrive in time, consider contacting the Sri Lankan Post Office and asking about the import regulations for your country.