Gin and Tonics

Gin and tonics

Why is a gin and tonic a classic that can’t go wrong?

A “perfect blend” is probably the most overused term in the food and beverage industry. Any food or drink enthusiasts?
One item that constantly does the term justice is the classic gin and tonic. The chemistry involved really seems romantic in a way—the gin participates with the blessed botanicals offered by junipers and the relationship with quinine offered by tonic is a match made in bar heaven (apologies for that bad joke). My personal experience with gin and tonic has been a love-hate relationship. The initial few drinks were a bitter mistake, but once I acclimatised to the clear and refreshing balance, then my go-to drink was sorted.


Let’s go way back. When you look at origin stories, this is quite interesting. A 17th century professor of medicine by the name of Franciscus Sylvius from the University of Leiden in Holland, distilled the juniper berry with spirits. This led to the discovery of an inexpensive medicine used by soldiers and commoners as well.

What could go wrong?

A common mistake made by novice G&T drinkers is the fact that they don’t understand the fascinating alchemy that weaves into your taste buds. I’m talking about the bitterness tempered with a little ice, sweet and citrus that surprises your palate. Acquired taste indeed, but all I ask for is an open mind to let the taste be acquired, if that makes sense.
For the all-important question, which is, “Why is gin and tonic the best?” 2 reasons: One, the synergy between the components offers a different vibe to your taste buds. The bitter-sweet symphony is a good touch for alcohol. a touch of smooth freshness as compared to the other harsh alcohols on shelves. Two , you can trust the British. That’s right, gin and tonic is Britain’s favourite drink. Tonic water was already a mainstay on British shelves, but throw in gin and we have something ethereal. If reason 2 isn’t compelling enough, reason one will have to do.

Conduct your experiments.
One of the distinguishing features of a classic gin and tonic is that it does not have to be a classic.Throw in some fruit, a cucumber , a watermelon, or mint, and you have a pristine, refreshing alcoholic potion that stays with you for years.
Gone are the basic days when it comes to liquor, Our current generation is possibly the most open-minded when it comes to new and improved experiences. A “garden in your mouth” is a great definition of something infused with fresh botanicals and refreshing fruit as well.

Salud gin and tonic-Salud comes with a G&T variant that relies on botanicals and fruit flavours for a diverse group of gin junkies. The craft is based on an out-of-the-box concept built in Manchester distilleries.

All things considered, gin and tonic is a unique personal experience and can be tried and tested. Head on over to our website and get to know more about this sprightly concoction.