Diet in Pregnancy

A poor diet in pregnancy can lead to anemia,low birthweight, preterm labour, developmental problems in baby.


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Pregnancy is an important milestone in a woman’s life. She is blessed to create, protect and

deliver a healthy baby into this wonderful world!

An expecting mom has to support the growth demands of the baby and hence needs to

take care of what she eats!

Nutrition is the cornerstone of pregnancy. It is essential for the woman herself and also

influences the pregnancy outcome and wellbeing of the baby. Depending on age, activity

level,BMI, diet needs to be individualised.

A poor diet in pregnancy can lead to anemia,low birthweight, preterm labour,

developmental problems in baby.

A pregnant mother needs 300 kcal extra during her pregnancy especially during the 2nd & 3

rd trimester.The diet should be well balanced with a spread of 50% fruits and vegetables,

25% whole grain and 25% lean protein. She can hydrate well with 8-10 glasses of water/day.

A split diet with 3 major meals and 3 -4 snacks is advisable.A healthy snack include salads,

small sandwitch, apricots, baked bean, small baked potato, fresh fruit, vegetable soup.

Avoid unpasteurised milk and cheese, smoked fish , raw or undercooked meat, raw or

semiripe papaya.

If you are a vegan, supplement the diet with Iron, Zinc,Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D, Choline

and Vitamin B12.

A favourite pregnancy menu includes

Protein rich food- Bean, fish, eggs, nuts, meat, poultry, lean meat.

Calcium rich food – Milk, cheese,yoghurt.

Iron rich food- Dark green vegetables,dried fruit, pulses, fish, egg, red meat

Folic acid – Dark green leafy vegetables,citrus fruits,nuts, liver.


Vitamin C – citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberry.

Have a balanced nutritious diet and create a healthy generation!