What to Consider – A Baby Shower Venue in Sydney

Deciding on a baby shower for your loved one! Here are some points to consider….


The moment a woman awaits the birth of her baby, she’s already turned into a mother. And the joy she has on being one can’t be expressed by anyone except her. Her loved ones can be part of her joy though, by holding a wonderful baby shower for her. I still remember the time my friends and I hosted a baby shower for my bestie onboard a boat hire in Sydney. From my experience, I must tell you there is so much you have to look into when you consider a baby shower venue:


Deciding on the Venue 

First comes first, pick the best venue for the baby shower. Even if you are planning on a surprise, ensure that the mom-to-be’s face brightens up on seeing the venue. The main point is to make her feel relaxed and special. They are going through the latter stages of pregnancy, which is pretty hard. The venue should be conveniently located and comfortable. Look for a spacious venue if you are inviting many people or planning on playing games. A boat rental on Sydney harbour was the ideal pick for us as it was spacious and private just like we all wanted.


Number of Guests for the Baby Shower

This is the most important part to consider while choosing a venue. You have to confirm the number of guests that are going to attend the baby shower. If you are expecting few guests, a small indoor venue or event space would be ideal. For a larger group, it’s always best to look for an outdoor venue. As it would be spacious, accommodating everyone comfortably. We chartered a glass boat that had a spacious main deck, cocktail lounge, dance floor,entertainment areas and dining saloon. So it was pretty ideal for the large group, invited to my bestie’s babyshower. 


Budget for the Venue 

When it comes to choosing your venue, budget is yet another factor to consider. It depends mostly on the cost and location. For a limited budget, consider a hotel venue where they often offer discounts or restaurants which are both convenient and affordable. The most beautiful venue would be a garden or a backyard. If your priority is something unique and budget is not an issue, then a beach club, grand ballroom, poolside, rooftop and of course, boat hire is a great option. The boat we hired for the shower was a premium glass boat. My friends & I wanted an exceptional venue so we put in a collective effort for a good budget for the boat hire.


 Facilities for the Venue

And yes, the facilities that the venue provides is very crucial as well. First and foremost the catering, what type of catering are you looking into? Find out if they have necessary audio-visual equipment for the function. For eg:- To show some baby photos or videos ensure the venue has a projector or a  screen. Ensure that there is enough space for some cool games as well.  For entertainment, our boat hire provided us with audio-visual facilities like a media wall, sound system etc. The professionals on board took the themes, decor and other entertainment options for the functions on their shoulders.


Catering & Beverages for the Venue. 

You certainly can’t forget about food! What kind of catering you would prefer for the baby shower should also be considered. Buffet, BYO food and drinks, seated and served menu with the beverage packages, cocktail-style event, and the like. We chose to have an unlimited banquet menu. The fortune of having a dedicated catering staff onboard, made our lives easy. For the drinks, the spacious dining saloon of our boat was equipped with a licensed bar with beverage package options. 


There you go! I have let you in on the various things you need to consider while choosing a baby shower. Not leaving to mention my very own experience of hosting a baby shower for my bestie. So, if you have liked my blog, do drop in your comments below.