What are the Job Opportunities for BBA in Travel & Tourism

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing segments that have a substantial effect on the Indian economy.

As individuals now have more disposable revenue, they like expenditure some time out with friends or family visiting a new position. With the initiation of social media, tourism has practically become a competition, where individuals continually want to visit newer places and want to click and post better photos than their peers.

This development in the tourism industry has clearly led to a marvellous increase in demand for trained specialists to fit into several sections of this industry. It is ideal to find one of the well-known academies to enrol yourself in BBA in Mumbai, or elsewhere. Here are some job roles that BBA has in the travel and tourism industry.

  • Airlines

The airline industry is flourishing as individuals prefer to get to their terminus faster and without much annoyance. That is why it is a well-paid career path to choose. After gaining a grade in BBA in Travel and Tourism you can participate in the airline business where you can work as a portion of their ground staff that looks into booking, traffic assistance, booking staff, and more.

  • Hotels

The hotel industry is becoming more and more well-appointed by the minute. Individuals devote rendering to their means and there is somewhat for everybody in the hotel industry. With a BBA in Travel and Tourism, you can effortlessly become a portion of the hotel industry and select to work as a portion of the operations section, manage the front office of trustworthy hotels, accomplish the food and beverage segment of a hotel, and many others.


These are some of the best job opportunities that a BBA in travel and tourism presents. You can find one of the top institutes for enrolling yourself in BBA in Mumbai, or elsewhere.

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