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Top Features of WordPress Website Development

Checkout some of the most important features of the WordPress website development.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website development. No matter what type of website you need to develop for your business, WordPress will match your needs and objectives. This is the reason why this CMS is known as one of the popular platforms, which power more than 50% of the website over the internet. It is also famous for being easy to use and one can adapt it to match a range of needs.

Take a look at some of the common features that indeed play a vital role in making WordPress web development popular among website developers and also among those who need to develop a website.


WordPress is available with various built-in tools which are the reasons why it is known as an easy-to-use platform for website development. Be it automated history revision, visual editing, streamlined publishing, or preview capability, WordPress includes everything that makes it the most preferred choice. Besides, the platform also supports different users with multiple levels of access.

Customizable and Flexible Designs

WordPress developers get the flexibility to use those various pre-existing templates for the design. Besides, they can also customize the layout to a greater extent. The WordPress design is capable of making your website unique, awesome, and standout. It indeed delivers wonderful outcomes that can facilitate your objectives on your website.


This is another feature that plays a significant role in making WordPress development popular for building website. This platform can find various themes, templates, extensions, modules, etc. These are available with the capability of supporting different types of operating systems and also allow blogging, analysis, reviewing, commenting, etc.

Website Themes

Themes are important as it enables users to change the appearance and feel of the website even without doing any alteration in the structure of content. With WordPress, you can find various paid and free themes for your website development. Of course, free ones are available with limited features compared to paid ones. So, you can choose the perfect one between free and pay based on your actual needs.

Plugins and Extensions

The best thing about WordPress is that it has several plugins and extensions that can offer great support to the mainstream framework and modules from the library. With over 40k plugins, developers get the liberty to customize WordPress development based on specific needs and objectives.

These plugins are indeed often getting upgraded from time to time based on the latest changing trends. And thus, you get an assurance of perfect compatibility in website designing. WordPress plugins generally range from search engine optimization to the portfolio of clients for displaying various private information to those of logged-in users.

Other Features

Apart from these, WordPress also has some other features. It is available with link management that offers clean link building and SEO-friendly structure. It includes the ability to link different categories to various blogs and articles. Besides, it also supports tagging your content in your article or blog post.