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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing That You Must Know

Digital marketing has become one of the most powerful tools to generate revenue for your business. Read this article to know how it benefits you.

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing that You Must Know

Since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, many brick and mortar businesses were forced to close their shops.

If you’re one of the victims, there’s a high chance that you’re losing a lot of revenue, especially if you don’t have any online store.

That’s why digital marketing is so crucial!

According to research by Avernor, digital marketing has become one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your prospects.

Here are the five benefits of digital marketing:

Huge Return on Investment (ROI)

Every business places emphasis on its ROI.

If you have low ROI, you are experiencing a great loss in your business. But with digital marketing, there are a lot of statistics proving how it can leverage your return on investment.

For example, a lot of digital marketing research show that the average return on investment from email marketing is 4200%.

Besides, individuals that blog are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI.

Therefore, you’ve tons of opportunity to get higher ROI if you start to involve in digital marketing service today.

Better Customer Engagement

Every business personnel know the importance of staying engaged with their customers.

However, it is difficult to retain customers since there are so many competitors in every industry.

So how do you continuously engage with your customers?

One of the most effective ways is to create personalized offers for them through digital marketing strategy – be it discount coupons through email marketing or multivendor e-commerce platform like Shopee.

This is especially beneficial for small businesses who don’t have budget to conduct extra marketing campaigns.

Able to Target Your Customer Rightly

We know that our business needs to reach a wide range of people in order to get more sales and revenue. However, it’s more important to target the consumers that are interested in your products or services.

With digital marketing, you can utilize various online tools to keep track of an individual’s online activities, demographics, purchase history, etc.

One of the great free tools is Google Analytics. It helps you to collect every piece of single information you need to optimize your marketing campaign.

You can use it to understand the demographics (gender, age group, ethnicity, region, etc.) that interested in your products. Then, you can use the insights to target your audience.

With all the relevant data, you can target the consumer with content and offers based on what stage they are at within the buying journey.

Stand Out from Your Industry Competitors

Do you know how you can compete with the giant in your industry?

It’s through digital marketing!

One of the strategies is using a combination of content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of improving a website ranking in search engine’s organic rankings.

If Google finds that your website is authoritative, well-optimized and continuously provides valuable content to visitors, there is a high chance your website will be shown on the first page.

Grow Your Brand Awareness Effectively

The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos once said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Branding is vital because it’s the visual identity of your company. Even if you’re investing in traditional marketing, your business still needs branding to be successful.

That’s why when you ask you kids what you want to eat today, they’ll say “McDonald” or “Chick-fil-A” 🙂

Digital marketing not only allow you and consumers to stay connected, it also allow you to build trust and credibility by showcasing your top reviews from your customers.

When you get more positive reviews than your competitors, chances are their customers will come to you!


Digital marketing offers tons of advantages you should not miss out on. No matter what size your business is, you can benefit from investing in digital marketing.

Hope this article helps you.