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Medical Assistance Services

For patients who need complex surgical procedures, Bluedot develops customized packages that better suit each patient's needs.

From general assessment, referrals, and home care guidance to emergency medical advice and trauma therapy, Bluedot offers it all. Because fewer unneeded trips to the doctor and emergency room result from the service, cost reduction benefits have been demonstrated. The Healthcare Professional Network by Bluedot makes it easier for people to get and afford medical treatment, especially if they only have a limited amount of medical savings available. This package provides access to a network of committed private medical professionals for consultations. Bluedot can help your business and customers throughout the whole relationship with pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services to increase your customer relationships and brand value. The management of incoming and outgoing calls to current or potential customers is handled by our dedicated CRM service operation. Additionally, it organizes appointments with the service network and manages leads, complaints, and service requests. You have the choice to purchase Bluedot’s travel assistance for medical treatment, which provides extensive medical and travel risk coverage. Because all medical and travel-related risks are covered by this service, members can travel with confidence. Numerous medical assistance options are available, including extensive medical advice and assistance, outpatient and hospital assistance, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, interpreter referrals, help with lost luggage, legal referrals, the setting up of bail bonds, and many other services. Based on your preferred travel routes, Bluedot provides you with tailored help alternatives. Bluedot Medical Assistance will take care of you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can relax and enjoy your trip from the moment you start organizing it until you return home.

There is no doubting the benefits of medical assistance services. More people are preferring to travel abroad for medical treatment for a variety of reasons, such as the high grade of care, the low cost, or the accessibility of a particular operation or therapy there.

Hundreds of people fly abroad every year for dental care, surgical and aesthetic operations, organ and tissue transplants, and cancer treatment. Patients in a handful of these nations have the option to request and get customized packages that better meet their unique needs.

Before making travel arrangements for medical reasons, it is advised—and in some circumstances, required—to obtain a second opinion from medical authorities in the case of unusual medical diseases or if major surgery is planned. By seeking a second opinion, you can reexamine your diagnosis, gain a better understanding of your medical condition and the range of treatment options, and use this information to make wiser and more knowledgeable decisions regarding your course of action and medicine.

It can be stressful and expensive to handle an unforeseen medical emergency when you’re distant from home. Travelers frequently find themselves in an unfamiliar area, using unfamiliar medical services. If a medical emergency occurs, they might not even know where to go, causing them to call for emergency assistance which might be costly and useless. When leaving the country, the probability of this happening increases much more. Travelers from other countries can discover that they are unable to interact with local transportation or medical staff, potentially leading to life-threatening delays in medical care. Bluedot medical assistance can help you find solutions for these.