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Spotify Car Thing, Listening to Music in the Car

Are you looking for information about Spotify Car Thing, the Streaming App in the Car? Check out the full review below.

Are you looking for information about Spotify Car Thing, the Streaming App in the Car? Check out the full review below.

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app platform and is widely used by netizens. In this Spotify application, users can find a lot of favorite songs from various music genres that are presented.

Not only that, in this Spotify application you can also find other interesting content such as podcasts. Now to support the needs of its users, Spotify itself continues to innovate to provide the latest features.

One of them that is now being sought after is Spotify Car Thing, a relatively new feature for users. So what does it look like? Read the full information to the end.

Getting to know the Spotify Car Thing?

The term itself may still be common to Spotify users. Because, the Spotify Car Thing is not just a function, but a device connected to the Spotify application. Have you ever wanted to listen to your favorite music or songs while driving? Perhaps this feature is the answer to the needs of those users.

Because this Car Thing is really designed for users who want to use the app while driving. But not a feature in the application, this Car Thing is a special device created by the developer to use inside the vehicle.

So, this Spotify Car Thing can connect to the audio in your car to use the Spotify app. The device itself is still being developed by Spotify for use by all users. Although currently it is still very rarely used in Indonesia, there are still many people who do not know about it.

This is different from its use in its home country which is the United States, where Spotify devices are widely used. According to the information obtained, the Spotify application is priced at $ 90 or around 1.3 million rupiah. Then does this Spotify Car Thing already exist in Indonesia?

Spotify Car Thing in Indonesia

Well, maybe now some users will wonder if this device is suitable for Indonesian users. Maybe you can look for it on marketplace platforms that already sell Car Thing.

To get this Spotify device, you can immediately open a marketplace such as Tokopedia which can already be purchased. Spotify Car Thing itself features a touch screen with physical buttons and voice command capabilities.

So, users can easily use the Spotify app after saying “Hello Spotify”. While the audio itself can be connected to audio devices in the car via Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

The Car Thing package itself includes installation equipment including a charger cable, a 12 V adapter and the device itself.

Although Car Thing actually works more or less the same as the application on hp devices. Spotify says users can expect a different experience when using this Car Thing device.