Hire the best candidates first time, every time

At Assess Candidates we create science-based pre-employment tests and assessments to help assess and select the best candidates first time, every time.

At Assess Candidates we create science-based pre-employment tests and assessments to help talent acquisition experts, recruiters, HR professionals screen, assess and select the best candidates first time, every time.

Our team of Chartered Scientists and Psychologists have worked for SHL and IBM Kenexa, developing assessment tests for Fortune 500 companies used by 1,000s of organisations. They ensure we have the most fair and robust screening psychometric recruitment assessments for your hiring campaign, helping your candidates stay longer, perform better and remain happier

We also pride ourselves on delivering the following key benefits:

  • Easy to use HR and Manager dashboards and reports for a more streamlined and accessible platform.
  • Seamless applicant tracking system to ensure no subjective interpretations and bias-free hiring
  • Engaging recruiter tests with best practice cut-offs to prevent adverse impact for all candidates

We work with many large organisations in business and public services to ensure they select the best candidates using science-based pre-employment assessments

We provide the following range of ready-made screening assessments and bespoke solutions measuring the 3 key areas of performance: Preference, Behavioural Competence, and Technical Ability. Our expert wizard gives you the power to easily and confidently select screening assessments relevant to your needs.

  • Psychometric Tests for Recruitment
  • Aptitude Tests for Candidate Screening
  • Screening Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Screening verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Screening Logical Reasoning Tests
  • Situational Judgement Tests for recruitment
  • Personality Questionnaire for recruitment
  • Video Interviews for candidate recruitment
  • BART Game Assessment – Assess a candidate’s propensity to take risk through this balloon-popping game based on the Balloon Analogue Risk Task from Lejuez et al. (2002).
  • I-EQ™ Game Assessment – Gauge an aspect of emotional intelligence, namely the ability to recognise emotional expressions in this interactive assessment. 
  • MathBubbles™ Game Assessment – Measure a candidate’s mental arithmetic through a game involving the selection of bubbles containing sums to meet a desired target.
  • MTA-Tray™ Game Assessment – Evaluate a candidate’s ability to multi-task and prioritise in this gamified sorting facility.
  • Flanker Task Game Assessment – Determine the selective attention and ability to regulate multiple cognitive functions of a candidate in this game based on work from Eriksen and Eriksen (1974).
  • Cognition-M™ Game Assessment – Consider a candidate’s short-term memory ability in this interactive assessment with increasingly challenging sequences.
  • Cognition-A™ Game Assessment – Utilise ‘The Stroop Effect’ (Stroop, 1935) in this game looking at a candidate’s ability in attending to competing information.
  • PassCode™ Game Assessment – Determine a candidate’s resilience and focus in this engaging phone-unlocking challenge.

All our recruitment tests are presented on a fully GDPR compliant and engaging platform, for an enjoyable experience that candidates will associate with your brand.

We also provide professional reading materials, helping you decide which tests you need for your recruitment needs. Visit our various guides below to get started.

Some areas we cover include: What tests are used for recruitment, what is a psychometric test used in recruitment, the pros and cons of using this hiring test for your recruitment, and the roles that the recruitment test is used for in hiring.  

  • Numerical Reasoning Tests for Recruitment
  • Logical Reasoning Tests for Recruitment
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests for Recruitment
  • Personality Tests for Recruitment
  • Situational Judgement Tests for Recruitment

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