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7 effective strategies to increase your e-commerce sales

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Ecommerce sales can be boosted in a very simple and straightforward manner. There is no need to burn yourself out in the process. In most cases, achieving revenue goals involves a combination of effective techniques working together.

We’ve gathered 7 proven tactics and strategies that will help increase your ecommerce sales.

  1. Enhance your mobile browsing experience

The majority of Internet traffic today is generated by smartphone users. If your ecommerce store is not mobile-friendly, you may lose out on some serious sales.

Using video presentations on mobile devices is more likely to attract consumers to purchase a product, so if possible, include video presentations. Furthermore, when screen space is limited, the use of visual content should be prioritized over text elements, and in cases when text is essential, short paragraphs and bullet points should be used.


  1. Provide multiple methods of payment

In many cases, customers add products to the cart with the intention of buying them, but they can quickly change their minds if they don’t have their preferred mode of payment at checkout. Prior to the advent of other payment options, there were only a few options, such as credit cards and PayPal. There is nothing wrong with either, but credit cards in particular have high interest rates and late fees, which makes them a poor choice.

The latest statistics on online shopping indicate that mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are becoming the norm.

So be sure to include all the most popular payment methods for e-commerce, and be aware of any requests and complaints your customers may have.

  1. Testing different campaigns using A/B analysis

A/B testing is a technique for comparing two versions of a web page with the goal of better understanding which version performs better. By comparing two variants of the same design for the same product, you can find out which variation drives more traffic

There are many reasons for running an A/B test. These include:

– To determine the best design for a website in terms of layout, navigation, and usability

– To find out which email subject line will generate the most clicks and conversions

– To find out which advertisement will produce the most sales

Make sure that you don’t change everything at once, as you will not be able to determine what is effective and what is not.

Through this, you can ultimately create a better customer experience, which will result in an incremental improvement in your conversion rate over time and ultimately lead to a significant increase in sales.


  1. Engage your audience with email marketing and build email lists

Isn’t it amazing that email generates a $42 return for each $1 spent, which is a surprising 4,200% return on investment?

Email can serve a number of purposes, including promoting sales, maintaining contact with customers, marketing your products, and ultimately increasing sales.

The problem? You need people to email.

Basically, an email list consists of users who have given you permission to send them relevant content and in order to build a list of subscribers, you need several ways to obtain their permission. Adding signup boxes at checkout, offering discounts on your website, and other like tactics will help you compile an expansive database of email subscribers.


  1. Make use of scarcity tactics

There is nothing more exciting than scarcity.

By creating a sense of urgency, people become motivated to make a purchase or act immediately.

When your product appears to be available in limited quantities or a sale only lasts a short time, your visitors are more likely to purchase from you because they do not know if your items will be available at the same price (or even available at all!) in the future.

Adding scarcity to your marketing strategy can increase your click-through rate by 14% and double your sales. Adding a pop-up or coupon code to selected pages will allow users to take advantage of the offer.

In order to boost your e-commerce sales, you can use scarcity in the following ways:

  • Promote flash sales
  • Give away free shipping for a limited period of time
  • When your site is on sale, add a countdown timer
  • Display ‘only x remaining’ on your items

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