What is a Configurable Product in Magento 2?

This article is about everything you need to know about configurable products in Magento 2 i.e. what is a configurable product, its benefits and disadvantages.

What is a Configurable Product?

The concept of configurable products in Magento is the same as variable products in WooCommerce. Both these terms refer to products with attributes variations. They are simple products but have multiple options for color, size, price etc. Each attribute combination is a separate product with unique SKUs.

For example, a T-shirt may have different sizes and colors. Each size and color combination may have different prices i.e. a large size T-shirt may be a bit expensive than a small size one. You can add the T-shirt as a simple product and create multiple options for it. Each option becomes a separate child product.

What are the benefits of adding configurable products?

Configurable products are non avoidable if you are in the apparel or footwear business. You have to provide customers with different size and color options so that they choose the ones most suitable for them. Providing proper size and color variations significantly reduce abandonment and return rate. When customers are able to find the size that fit them and the color they like, they will most likely end up purchasing the product.

Disadvantage of Configurable products

Although configurable products are necessary and benefit your store a lot, there is one small disadvantage. Since these products have multiple necessary options, customers have to select each option in order to add the product to cart. If any of the option is missing, the ‘Add to Cart’ button remains disabled. This slightly affects the user’s shopping experience as they need more clicks and time to add a product to cart. Also, since no option is selected by default, they sometimes are not sure about the most suitable or popular combinations that can lead them either to abandon the cart or select options that they may don’t like or fit them later.


How to save customers from the extra clicks of selecting product variations and from the confusion regarding the best combination? The best way is to preselect the most popular or appropriate product variations. For example, you can preselect the combination that is the cheapest or the most expensive. Customers can go with the preselected variations and add the product to cart in one click. If they think the preselected options are not what they want, they can select other options.

Our Magento 2 preselect configurable product module lets you easily implement this useful functionality in your Magento 2 store. Using this module, you can display any of the following 4 options selected by default for configurable products.

  • The 1st option
  • The default option
  • The cheapest option
  • The most expensive option

You can apply the preselect functionality on product, category and search result pages.