Sydney: Best Corporate Party Ideas Right Now

Running out of ideas for your work party function in Sydney? Check out these unique activities and make the most of your time with the team.


The talk of the town in Sydney is ‘corporate parties’. That’s right! As we race through October into the final months of the year, the corporates are lining up their annual EOFY functions and Christmas party events.  These events are usually a way of rewarding employees for a year of hard work, commitment and dedication. With Spring doing its magic in Sydney, coupled with hazy drizzles after dark, it’s the best time to host a private or social event.


If you’re looking to go all out or stay within a budget, Sydney has endless options for you to choose from. So we went out of our way to narrow it down and present you the ultimate work party ideas in Sydney 2022, that is sure to get the whole team buzzing. Check them out below.


Staying classy with Christmas cruises in Sydney


Stepping out of the office once in a while with the whole team can give you fresh perspectives, encourage creativity, improve cohesion and ultimately nurture openness. Casual lunch outs and team dinners are a thing of the past, especially in Sydney where new opportunities arise by the hour. 


So why don’t you make it memorable for everyone and treat the entire team to the popular Christmas party harbour cruises on Sydney Harbour. Imagine you and your team cruising between the sky and waters of Sydney Harbour, against the glorious city skyline, while conversing on the deck of a top-class vessel! Glide past the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more as you raise a glass of wine, and feast on sumptuous dinner or lunch! You can even make the experience even more wholesome by asking the team to bring gifts for each other and share them on board! Now that’s a party! Book your tickets now!


A throwback part-ay!


Throwing it back to the good old days is one of the best ways to make an occasion all the more special.  When was the last time you saw your boss running around and screaming like a little child? While that scenario is gonna look awesome as it sounds, we can’t guarantee that happening anytime soon! Nevertheless, a throwback event can either be based on themes or include nostalgic activities like laser tag, paintball, bowling and the like. These can easily bring out the inner child in everyone, introduce a little healthy competition, get people to loosen up, and have a completely new environment other than their typical office.


Channel your inner ‘Viking’


If there’s one thing on this list that’s tried and tested for many years but never fails to go out of style, it’s this one. We all have pent-up emotion, no matter how easy going and straightforward our work schedule is, there is always a dark patch glued to the edge of our metaphorical jar of life. Alright, maybe not so dramatic but sometimes there’s a tint of aggression behind our normally calm work smiles. Axe throwing is your ultimate opportunity to let it all out in a fun and safe environment. All you need to do is think about that one testing client or the day you got it all wrong at the office and hurl the mighty axes at wooden targets! You can even introduce a friendly competition and see who comes out on top as the Axe-King.


In the end-


corporate events can be anything, but the main goal is to always keep in mind what your team likes and doesn’t. Do they hate singing? Cancel the karaoke. Do they like drinking? You know what to do. Take a survey beforehand and gather all ideas, so you can have a buy-in from the start. 


Hope this helps!  Stay tuned for part two!