The 17-day Mera Peak Climbing expedition

The 17-day Mera Peak Trek will infuse your heart and spirit with vigor when you are exposed to the great outdoors. There are several routes to go to Mera Peak.

Mera Peak, which is located in the Khumbu region, has a zenith height of 6476 meters. It is frequently referred to as the highest trekking mountain in Nepal because there are no difficult ascents to this peak. But even if it is the highest, it might also be the easiest to get to. Those who are just getting started and want to learn about Nepal’s trekking peaks should choose this route. Mera Peak requires some prior trekking experience in addition to its exhilaration.

The breathtaking views of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, and Cho-Oyu, as well as rivers, snow-capped mountain peaks, and heavily forested valleys like Hinku and Hongu Drangkas, make the Mera Peak Climb a well-liked excursion among those who enjoy the outdoors. The massive moraines and glacial lakes only add to the beauty of this already stunning journey. If you want to climb Mera Peak alone, Mission Himalaya is the best option for the solo package.

After departing from Kathmandu on a flight to Lukla, the ascent of Mera Peak begins. The 17-day Mera Peak Expedition will infuse your heart and spirit with vigour when you are exposed to the great outdoors. There are several routes to go to Mera Peak as well. Unless you are an experienced hiker, we strongly suggest that you have a guide on this walk.

The best times of year to climb peaks are in the spring and fall. Due to a number of factors, such as secure highways; regular, dependable, and comfortable weather; stunning landscapes; etc., this season is the ideal time to travel. In the summer or winter, the climb is not advised. The considerable rain that occurs during the summer and monsoon seasons makes the weather unfavorable since it makes the roads slick. Similar to this, climbing Mera Peak in the winter is uncommon because of the extreme cold, which can reach -30 degrees.

It is difficult to ascend Mera Peak. However, this varies according to the individual and the length of time they decide to go for a walk. With a height of 6476 meters above sea level, Mera Mountain is the tallest trekking peak. If adequate planning is not done, some people may find this hiking experience difficult.