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Hello everyone, this is the end of the world chess players!

For two and a half years, even though I have followed “rts rpg games” for a long time, I once thought of giving up, but in the end, I also supported it.

Counting the love in my heart, I am still very happy to meet this game, although almost no one is around to play, I still feel the heartfelt warmth when I see everyone’s love… The plot, the gameplay, and a lot of things about the RPG are slowly getting better, and my love for here… It’s also constant.

It’s a good game, and although the official is occasionally rotten, the players occasionally contradict each other, and even though we “doctors” are a bunch of despised people in the eyes of the public, I still dare to say that I will still stay here for a long time, at least in my heart, there will always be a piece of land with the Ark…

Think of that year, I entered the pit Ark, the encounter at that time was actually quite unexpected, during the holidays, idle at home, my sister idled a few games points to the Ark and then did other things, I picked it up and looked at it, so officially into the pit Ark, but think about it, earlier I saw a video screen on the b station, it seems to be called “Today’s turn aim (or “knife tower”) to brainwash” Come maybe the fate was formed at that time…

At that time, it was the opening of the first annual pool, and it was a lot of kryptonite gold when I went in (laughs), but I didn’t draw it in the last year, or I only drew it the next year… At that time, when I entered the pit, I was attracted by the plot of the Ark, and at that time, I had to go to see the Raiders (thanks zc, Little Wolf, and Orange) and now I have grown into a doctor who definitely does not look at raiders… At the same time, he also has some ideas about the plot.

Speaking of past memories, I have experienced peaks and lows, I have seen the calm of the wind and waves, I have seen the storms and rains, and I have followed the third year of the Ark… Let’s hope that this year, the Ark can soar in the sky again, as we hope…

Then for this game, first of all, it is very clear that this game is a strategy game! The difficulty is basically chosen by yourself. If you want to fight high difficulty, there are highly difficult copies, and the main line is relatively simple. (The early stage of the wasteland is simple, hitting the later dungeon is a bit difficult) The activity level is generally simple, and the raid level is slightly more difficult. The core gameplay is Crisis Contract, which is an activity where you choose your own difficulty level and then challenge it. The big guys are full of negative buff to impact the highest level, and ordinary players can touch the fish and mix a guarantee on the line (playing the full level is really cool).

The second is the plot, I have to say that the plot expression done when the game is opened is really drip aqua, all kinds of riddles, the more you look at it, the more boring it… However, after three years of polishing, the current plot is indeed great, and most of the new plots are remarkable, and even some are amazing. B station also has a lot of excellent up-main plot analysis and combing. You can check it out on your own.

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