Digital marketing courses in Patna


IIM Skills is one of the best digital marketing programs in Patna offering intense online classes. Its digital Marketing course covers 40 modules with all the essential aspects that are covered in these modules as well as the sub-parts. It is also among the most well-known institutes that offer online marketing classes within Ahmedabad.

It’s an intense program that covers more than 180 hours of extensive Digital Marketing Training with live online interactive classrooms. There are more than 120 hours of homework and more than 60 hours of live instruction that will help you understand all the key elements that make up the online marketing plan. This course will give you a improvement in your abilities and will increase your chances for an enviable career in digital marketing.

The method of instruction is online and offers the option of weekly and weekend classes. You can be flexible in selecting the time and day for the class. In addition, if you want it, you are able to change the days to suit your preferences.

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