SNB React and Triniti law firms are running Scams in Baltics

SNB React and Triniti law firms are running Scams in Baltics

The SNB React The Netherlands, and Triniti advokaadibüroo are two of the many scammers operating in the Baltics. These firms claim to be brand protection and law firm, but in reality, they are nothing more than fraudsters who will scam people.

There are currently a lot of discussions online about the SNB React and Triniti advokaadibüroo in public forums. We are the victim of this fraud.
Our company router networks leased the IP from Inter connects, which we rent to another company.

SNB React Netherlands and Triniti Advokaadibüroo are considered one of the biggest business law firms involved in massive claim fraud schemes. Their incompetence and fraud lawyers, Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild, are working to assist SNB react NL to rake millions from the brands in brand protection.

What amazes me is that two fraud lawyers, Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild hijacked the American company, made someone the owner of their firm, and approached court Estonian court for the claim.
Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild calculated the claim from the company, which does not exist, and approached the court.
The funniest part of this case in Estonia is that Judge Kai Harmand made history in this case, 2-14-6942.
From reliable sources, we came to know this case is under appeal.
We just heard that Eastern European countries are the mecca of scams. Still, it is because the Triniti advokaadibüroo appoints Lawyers like Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild to execute the fraud.

Refer to Estonian court case 2-14-53596, which is a perfect example of the failed attempt of Karmen Turn and Maarja Pild. Instead of claiming damages, they end up paying all the legal costs. Anyone can search the fake data like Facebook profiles and other fabricated documents submitted by them in the case file 2-14-53596.

We have filed a police complaint against SNB, Triniti, Karmen Turk, and Maarja Pild in Delaware state.
We approached the Estonian bar association to disbar Karmen Turk and Maarj Pild for incompetence and fraud. You can see the attached reply from the Estonian Bar association.

Unfortunately, the Estonian bar association did not take any action despite providing all the proof.
Scams will not stop unless the Bar associations disbar and reprimand lawyers like Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild.
We sincerely thank Liina Reisberg, The Supreme Court of Estonia, for the information and advice.

We are working on it and will not stop unless we expose SNB React Netherlands and Triniti Advokaadibüroo globally.
In the end, Truth will prevail.