7 Myths About Managed IT Service Providers – Do you Know?

As outsourced help, reputation and performance are key to the survival of IT service providers.

1. Myth: MSPs Cost You More

There’s a misconception that outsourced managed IT services are more costly in Brisbane and across Australia – this is false. Hiring a world class team can help you get exactly the help you need to maximize your business productivity. This saves you from costly errors and allows you to skip out on some growing pains. Furthermore, Managed IT service providers can come with predetermined agreements that clearly outline what you are paying for and at reasonable rates. Great providers also offer flexible packages that group together commonly required IT services such as managed cybersecurity and cloud solutions packages.

2. Myth: Your IT Department will be replaced

IT personnel can sometimes feel threatened at the thought of having hired help. However, we’re all after the same goal – making sure your companies’ technology is sound. Managed IT service providers in Brisbane can form very effective partnerships with your in-house team. These services can be offered in the form of co-managed packages where you can really get the best of both worlds: in-house expertise and expert help. With co-managed services, the IT service provider takes care of the everyday technology maintenance while your main team focuses on issues that are core to your business. This protects your in-house team from burnout while maintaining the overall quality of the system.

3. Myth: Company Data is more vulnerable with MSPs

Cyberattacks have wrecked small and medium enterprises at historical rates since the beginning of the pandemic. Some companies feel they would be safer on their own. Great managed service providers make sure to prioritize cybersecurity and data recovery. Furthermore, many cybersecurity packages also include education programmes to make sure employees are aware of how their actions can expose the company to attackers. According to IBM, 63% of data breaches are caused by employee negligence. As a result, education programmes can play a major role in raising awareness and preventing these costly errors.

4. Myth: Moving To an MSP can be Chaotic

In theory, having someone else take over all your IT management may sound like a hassle. However, the best Managed Service Providers in Brisbane deal with hundreds of these transitions and are well trained to make the process as smooth as possible. In fact some may argue that transitioning to outsourced practitioners can sometimes be smoother than internal changes since those moves happen less frequently and are less fine tuned. MSPs are well aware of the costs of downtime, and interrupting the flow of business, so they come prepared to make the transition seamless.

5. Myth: MSPs Give Lower quality service

As a service provider, the quality that an MSP delivers is the single most determining factor of whether or not they stay in business. Since Managed IT Service Providers grow their business by gaining new clients, their performance is of the highest concern since they will need referrals and good reviews. What you should expect is lower IT costs and more free time to operate your business as your provider takes control of your IT requirements. With that being said however, not all Managed IT Services Providers are created equally – here’s how to choose the right managed services provider in Brisbane.


6. Myth: You lose control of your infrastructure

While a good managed service provider can do all your IT activities so that you don’t have to think about it – this is still a collaborative process. The job of the IT service provider is to advise and provide strategy to companies in areas they most need it. However, the final decision on whether or not certain changes should be made, remains in your control. MSPs work with service level agreements where you and the provider can work out terms of engagement. This helps to outline your expectations and what assistance you’ll need specifically. This makes sure that neither party is stepping on each other’s toes.

7. Myth: MSPs are only good for security backups

This is completely false. Managed Service Providers offer a wide range of professional services including: cloud management, internet connection services, internet phone, fully managed cybersecurity, tech support and much more. They truly can take care of all the technology needs for a company. Furthermore, you and your service provider can work together to satisfy new services that your company specifically might require. Perhaps the best part about working with MSPs is that services are packaged together at predetermined rates, so you always know exactly what you are paying for.

Original Source: https://www.elevate.com.au/7-myths-about-managed-it-service-providers-do-you-know/