4 Failproof Ideas For Your Next Party – 2022

Looking for a little more creativity than the usual booze and snooze ? Check out these “failproof” ideas that will surely have the whole squad buzzing!

The season of jolly is nigh! Sydney has cruised past September and now we enter the final months of the year! These “pre-holiday months” also act as a beacon for many EOFY functions, corporate events, business meetings, family gatherings and Christmas parties. Sydney is renowned among the Aussies for its entertainment scene and boy does it deliver! The streets may be dampened by the dire weather, but don’t let it dampen your spirits too! Here are some unique ideas to make your upcoming work/family event easily stand out!


Christmas party harbour cruises on Sydney Harbour – Relax, Reminisce, Rejuvenate

Every party in Sydney is yet another opportunity to make use of its incredible outdoors and explore the endless options on offer. The perfect way to appreciate the city’s impeccable skyline as well as celebrate life with your favourites is to head to the harbour. Go with a top-class lunch cruise and treat your mates to a one-of-a-kind dining experience, set right against the incredible backdrop of Sydney’s greatest icons. Imagine sharing epic moments of fun and laughter over a drink or two, as you cruise past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge! Now that sounds like a party! So don’t even think twice, book a harbour cruise for your Christmas Party today!


Up the ante with a jet boat ride

Cruising ain’t the only group activity you can do on the harbour. While cruises are the absolute perfect venue for a unique dining experience, jet boating is just as mandatory. You’ll go fast! You’ll feel like you’re flying over the water! You’ll get wet! You’ll scream through your lungs! And you’ll definitely feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you do 360 degree spins across the harbour! Not only will you have a blast clinging on for dear life, but you’ll also be ticking off some of the major tourist destinations of the city. Who knows, you might be in line to witness your boss squeal like a little girl for the first time! Sounds like a moment everyone would enjoy right!


“Simple yet significant”

When it comes to a successful corporate event, it ain’t always about how flashy you can get. Each EOFY function is an opportunity to show love to the team for a year of hard work, dedication, and commitment, and it is absolutely vital that they understand their value and importance. An easy way to do this is to substitute the usual glitzy shindigs for an award ceremony.  Just make sure nobody is left out, at the same time don’t make it seem forced and end up creating awards that make zero sense. Although such events can be easily organised inside your office, a change of scene would be ideal. 


Hair-raising tour at Cockatoo Island

A gateway into the unknown for the entire gang? Sign us up! Whether we travel back in time to the early 1500s or fast forward through to 2090, people are still gonna be captivated by the spooky. That’s exactly the kind of specialty tour you can hook your team up for the next work event! Cockatoo Island’s ghost tour is a highly-recommended team activity – led by a professional guide, you’ll hunt for ghosts in the heritage ( or haunted in this case ) buildings, which are rarely open to the public. While you make small meticulous steps inside the spot, your guide will test your spirits with bone-chilling paranormal tales and macabre stories that will leave you wide awake at night!

In short, your work party function doesn’t always have to be about necking down a gallon of beer. The tried and tested ideas mentioned above are just as effective, but with little to no hangover! So give them a go next time!